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Depression and grievance of my dog

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Hi everyone, I'm a 14 year old kid and last saturday my 11 year old dog passed away, I've struggled with sadness partially throughout the last years but this has really pushed it to a limit, I cry whenever I see something that reminds me of her, and I feel so guilty that I wasnt able to hug her one last time before she passed. I wish I could have told her its going to be alright but she passed away in the night while we were sleeping. I am still in shock and I don't know what to do with myself, it is constant sadness right now and when I go downstairs and see anywhere she liked to sit or anything that she used to enjoy like dog toys, her food, her bed, I just break down.

If anyone has anything I can do or any tips please help.

Thank you.

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Dear JS2000
We really appreciate you coming to our forum to share with the community and find some assistance. It takes great strength and courage to write about such personal struggles, and we’re sure you will find this a very helpful and supportive community.
We are so sorry to hear about your beloved dog and understand completely the heartache you would be feeling. The bonds we form with our pets are incredibly strong, so it’s normal to be feeling this immense grief as you consider her loss. We can hear the love you have for her and she has clearly been such a precious and significant part of your life.  It’s really important to allow yourself time to grieve.
It can make a real difference having someone to talk to, so we’d like to invite you to call our wonderful counsellors on 1300 22 4636, or jump onto a webchat here: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/
Our counsellors are available 24/7 to provide care and support.
Our friends at Griefline offer counselling to help you cope with your loss. You can contact them on 1300 845 745 between 6am to 12am.
Thank you again for joining our forum, and please remember that we are here to support you.
Warm regards,
Sophie M

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Hi JS2000

Hello and welcome, and I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your lovely dog! Losing a pet is the saddest thing. My pic is my little dog at the beach, I love dogs too!

Are you able to tell us the name of your beloved dog? I wonder if you can have a ceremony or do something fo say goodbye to her? She was a lucky dog to have an owner who loved her so much. So many dogs have unhappy homes and are badly treated, or have no home at all, so do remember how much she was loved and cared for. You gave her the best home you could, and lots of love.

Dogs are so loving and ask so little from us back. You will miss her very much. I don't know if you have any other pets to help give you some comfort.

Do you have pictures of her? It's OK to talk to her too, if you want to.

Please know there are other dog lovers out here who know what it is like to love a pet and we undertand what a tough time this is for you.

I'm sure other people will come alone and give you support. Again, remember you gave your dog a good life filled with love and kindness. She was a lucky dog to have you as her owner and friend.

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Hello JS2000, it doesn't matter how old you are or what your experience is of losing a loved pet, it never gets any easier, and my heart breaks for you and so very very sorry.

The dog you loved so much would have loved you as well, and it is never easy to say goodbye to them if you had the chance, but awful when you can't.

I always break down and cry, even though I'm 67, because a big part of you has gone and no one can understand this loss as much as you do, even though they send their apologies it doesn't mend that hole this has caused.

There will be much that does remind you of her and you are entitled to cry, and when people say 'go and get another puppie' it's not that easy, and only this may happen on the spur of the moment.

You can contact Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 by phone, web chat or online and talk with someone who does feel your sadness, but we also feel your loss so very much, and please vent any time you want to, we are here to listen to you.

My best.