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I’ve been diagnosed with depression and I would like to talk to someone because I’m just feeling very down right now and a mental health worker at my school said if I ever feel the need to self harm I could talk to someone for Beyond blue or minds helpline and other sights like that 

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thanks for your post.

If you browse through the forums or look up depression by searching for topics that may interest you. 
There is a chat line where you can talk to a trained counsellor. 1300224636

There is support here .Depression is a very deceptive illness as it can make us feel so worthless and tired.Can you talk to your parents. Is the health worker supportive. We are listening and you are not alone so write here when you want. 

kidsline is also helpful 1890551800

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Hi there. I have been through some extreme lows in my life. One thing despite all my pain, I promised myself I would Never Give up. I hope You can use this quote and know there is plenty of support out there. Best Wishes friend.

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Hi Guest


I'm really sorry to hear that you are feeling so down sweetheart.  Have you tried listening to your faviourite music or maybe reading a book.  I love listening to audio books as it makes me forget about my depression for a while.  If you feel you can't talk to friends or family, find a quiet spot where you'll not be disturbed and ring KidsHelpline or Beyond Blue (see Quirkywords response for contact numbers). Sometimes just hearing a sympathetic voice really helps but make sure you have some tissues as most people, including adults, burst into tears.


Hang in there sweetheart.


Warmest regards

Rosie x