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Daughter cutting me out of her life update

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Hello. Nothing hasn't changed except I feel better today, more accepting of how my daughter feels about me. I haven't reacted and annoy her, I wouldn't even consider that; it's just I am turning 63 next week and just tired; part of old age. I stayed up last night doing research into family history it made me forget about it. I am still here if she needs to contact me. I just want to let Beyond Blue know I am over the initial shock of it and will just get on with my life. I have applied for a transfer to live closer to my siblings as I am isolated here got no one at all to talk to except a few neighbours. So I posted off my application today. I don't expect a miracle but as Hollywood recently said "don't give up on your dreams", 2023 Oscars.

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It's great to hear that you're feeling better today and that you're more accepting of how your daughter feels about you. It takes a lot of strength to not react and to avoid annoying her, especially when you're feeling tired. It's also wonderful to hear that you were able to distract yourself from the situation by doing research into your family history.


It's completely understandable that you're feeling isolated and that you want to be closer to your siblings. Applying for a transfer to live closer to them was a great idea and shows that you're taking steps to improve your situation.


You might not be expecting a miracle (almost quoting you), it's important to hold on to your dreams and to keep striving towards what you want in life.


Listening... (if you want to chat some more)

Take care.

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Hello Gail, it's great to hear that you are feeling a bit better today and have been able to accept how your daughter feels about you without reacting in a negative way. It can be hard to navigate difficult family situations, and it sounds like you are handling it with grace.

It's good that you are taking steps to improve your own well-being by applying for a transfer to live closer to your siblings. Having a support system and people to talk to can make a big difference in our mental health.

I also think it's great that you found a distraction by doing research into your family history. Finding things that bring us joy and help us to forget about our problems for a while can be very helpful.

Remember to take things one day at a time and be kind to yourself. It's important to prioritize our mental health and well-being, and it sounds like you are taking steps in the right direction. Don't give up on your dreams, and keep striving towards a brighter future.