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caught in a cycle

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Not sure how to break the cycle of depression, negative/destructive thoughts. the catastrophizing.

just made some changes in my life to make it better. moved towns/states. change in relationship. change of workplace, same employer.

just found a new councillor, only had the one visit, seems quite good.

Need some advice on how to help break the cycle, just so alone, slowly meeting people and getting out and about. just feel so empty with no one to turn too. just so confused and overwhelmed at times. 2500 characters isn't enough room to type it all out lol


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Community Champion

Hi OR, welcome

A recent study found- that if in deep depression all the positivity in the world wont help, indeed it could hinder your progress to "break the cycle".

So you are best, to allow your depression to come out of that cycle THEN activate strategies to leap forward. You've certainly taken some radical steps to try to break it so step back and relax a little....dont be in a rush to break free. It will come.

Being patient is important as is remaining realistic and rational. You are doing all the right things IMO.

Good luck

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Hi OR,

Maybe give Mindspot a shot (look on google) , they run an online course which deals a lot with breaking the cycle in depression/anxiety by targeting the thoughts, behaviours and physical symptoms. 

All the best

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Champion Alumni

dear OR, how to break the cycle, well that's a good question, but from what you have already done is a good beginning.

You have to realise that it's not going to happen straight away, because if it did then it would happen too quickly, so you will be in new territory, scared and vulnerable.

I hope that you decide to post again as there seems to be so much more that you want to say. Geoff.

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support and encouragement.

Yes patience is the key, not one of my strong points unfortunately, but I'm hanging in there.

I do feel like I have a lot more I want to say, maybe once I get home I'll share some more, without trying to feel guilty or feel like I'm whining.

I'll definitely give Mindspot a shot. never hurts to try.

8 years on

and back where I started

thought I found true love.
I stead I found a narcissist

won that promotion.
only to be ignored.

got good counselling.

just poor at putting it In Place.
to old

to broken

to alone

to much self hatred

to much self loathing

feels like that’s all I am good at.
so tired

so over it

wasted so much money and time in fake people, fake friendships, fake love.

So over this fake world.
Time to buy a cave and home brew.

Hi oz robbo,

Im sorry all of this has happened to you.

I understand it’s hard when we realise that the people we loved and thought loved us were actually fake….

This is a feather in your hat that you’ve realised this ………. Let the fake people go and this will make room for the right people to come into your life.

And they will.

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Hi OR. .

l'm sorry to hear all that but l must admit , kinda feeling a bit the same myself after a 9yr slog of things after divorce. For the way things have turned out pretty well full circle l may as well have just stayed in bed 9yrs l think. Although there was some fun in there for awhile to so at least that''s something.

Maybe for you too eh, even if it is where it is now, and at least that would be something for you to. l hope you can get some new support if wanted .