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Why would she stare like this, the little mystories in life ?

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Weirdest thing

Down at my local supermkt.

l was staring down an isle at something while waiting in a the line about a mth ago, and funnily but there was a very cute worker stacking the shelf near where l was looking.

l was just in a bit of a haze looking at the item above her and tbh didn't even notice her but l was prob looking at it for a minute or two while waiting. Then l realized she was next to it and it would've seemed like l was staring at her well she turned, l realized and said ahhhh, sorry l wasn't staring l was just looking at such and such.

She just smiled don't think she believed me but ever since she often sort of just appears from somewhere when l go in for something, or l look up and she's popped up and diddling around me a bit. Dk if it;s coincidence or what. l'm careful if l see her now not to appear staring bc of that first time.

Well , today l saw her again she looked l smiled a bit kept walking grabbed my stuff and went back to pay. l'm in the line look up and she's 5mtrs over just standing staring right at me. 

First time l've seen her just boldly stare like that and l'm worried l've put out some bad vibe or misunderstanding around her and pissed her off.

l think she slightly smiled though l might be wrong bc my turn came and l started putting my stuff through and paying. When l was leaving she'd disappeared.


Does it sound like a nice stare or a pissed of stare ?

lt's just l'm really conchie in that supermarket bc it's small and locallish so any misunderstandings would be all through it in minutes.








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Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Rx

Curious situation. I think interpretation depends on the vibe you’re getting from her. But here’s my take on it …

Can’t see any reason for an angry stare from her, as you explained yourself after the initial incident.

The fact that she might be appearing around you on purpose, could mean that she wants to attract your attention. Maybe she likes to the think that you were originally staring at her (despite your denial/explanation). Maybe she’s trying to get your attention by staring at you.

If it’s bothering you, maybe leave your sunglasses in when you go into the store!

Kind thoughts to you

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi rx

From what you say, I'm wondering, maybe she liked the look of you!

It can be difficult to interpret what people think, when it's about body language & behaviours, with barely a few words spoken between you. It seems the little smiles she has may indeed be saying 'it's okay', & maybe she would be open to talking to you, at least casually.

Perhaps, a little 'hello' from you, see how she reacts, & if she greets you warmly, then you just might make a new friend.

If her response is cool or seems bland, then you know she is not wanting to know you after all.

In any event, it does not hurt to be polite.





Thanks for that Rose.

Yeah l can usually read this stuff but in this after the first time l'm trying to mind my own business just encASE .

l really don't fit into this smallish local type thing here it's an art form all it's own. l'm use to big busy city places so it's been quite a challenge and l'm always worried l'll mess up.

Thanks for that mkit l'm certainly trying not to get myself into any trouble in that place that's for sure. Been here 6yrs now .

l couldn't see why she'd be angry l've sure as hell tried not to bother her since that first time butttt, people can be weird hey.


Eagle Ray
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I’m new to my small town and going through that process of getting to know the locals who’ve been here much longer. Just the one local supermarket which sounds like yours.


 I think just keep being yourself, open and friendly and polite. An opportunity may come up for a brief friendly chat, and often that can help to give a sense of where things are at with the other person.


 I was quite self conscious when I moved to my town and quite reclusive, because I’d been through a lot and was exhausted and not particularly well. I worried about other people’s perceptions of me at times. But I’ve gradually realised most people are friendly and sometimes they’re just curious about you. In your case she might have an interest in getting to know you. I think just maintain an open friendliness, even just a smile and hi, which can reassure the other person you mean well. 

At first I thought some people in my town might be judging me as I haven’t been working for health reasons and I probably seemed like a mystery person to them. But it turns out people are so friendly, down to earth and not judging. They just notice a new person and wonder about you. They just needed to get to know me a bit.


It’s sure different to being in the city isn’t it!

Hi there ER and thanks for that . You to eh yeah it's still weird for me even though 6yrs but that's nothing to locals. They're use to seeing me about now so l'm not as alien as l use to be , at least that's something.

But l'm also very private so in general big places are much easier for me they're too busy to notice much this one, they notice everything. lt's not really in a bad or nosy gossipy type way but if you were to mess up with one of the local sm girls or come across in some misunderstood way that would def' get right through the place soooo.