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Thinking about to start learning an instrument ?

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Hello everyone,

I've been suffered Anxiety and depression since 2011 and 90% has recovered till now.

I've started to learn guitar from early this year and I am addicted to it,

and i think it is a very good way to heal mental problem by learning an instrument.

Now, I am trying to offer a little help for someone who wishes to start to learn guitar and whom may not able to afford one , and i'll love to give one away to someone.

The guitar is Valencia classical 1/2 travel size guitar, natural color, it's a very good size for beginner, the guitar is 90% new.

I'm not sure is it a good way to help people but I'm truly willing to help people and just want to give some little help and love here.

I am female and i think this size of guitar is really suitable for any female beginner.

Let's have a chat here then i can pick the person who i will give away my guitar to.

Have a good night everyone xx

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Hi ran02!

Glad to hear that your anxiety and depression is mostly recovered! So awesome! I play a bunch of musical instruments and so get the addiction and how much of a release it is!

I just want to let you know that the forums here are probably not a great place to be giving things away, just because we protect anonymity here and don't disclose personal information. I think your heart in doing this is amazing though.

I'm sure that your experiences could make an awesome impact on the forums otherwise, if that's what you'd like to do.

Sorry that this is not really a suitable place for this sort of thing - maybe you can try an online garage sale page (I know they have them on Facebook) and that way maybe you can hand pick someone?

Would love to see you around.


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Hi Bonnie,

Thank you for your advices.

The main reason that I tried to post it here because I just try to avoid the people who pretends to be the one and gets stuff for free.

And I was thinking this is the community for the people who suffers the same thing that I had in the past, so that's why I would just like to give it a try and offers a help to someone.

Hi ran02,

It's a lovely thought, but as this is an anonymous forum, we don't allow private contact between members, or the sharing of personal details.  

It sounds like you're having some disappointments with people close to you at the moment who you feel might be taking advantage of your generous nature.  Perhaps you could tell us some more about that, these forums are the perfect place to talk about what's happening in your life and working out some solutions.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi ran02,

What a lovely, generous and helpful post.

Even though posting on the forum is anonymous, I think you've raised a really great point about how important music, and learning an instrument can be for others who may be searching for something that will provide an interest, an excellent distraction and a give you a terrific sense of achievement.

Two years ago, my psychiatrist asked me if there was anything in particular I would like to do or learn. I'd always wanted to play the electric guitar - I'd had some acoustic guitar lessons as a teenager. I found a very good, extremely reasonable second-hand guitar at a music shop in town. The guy in the store offered six free lessons and provided a teach-yourself DVD at half-price and a tuner (people can be extremely nice). Absolutely loved/love it and both you and Ken are so right - it DOES become addictive if you choose the right instrument.

There is a huge number of many good second-hand instruments, of every type, for sale at very reasonable prices, and so many teach-yourself books, and DVDs that can be played on a player or computer.

The point you've raised about the value of learning a musical instrument, particularly if you have mental heath issues - my depression at the time was intense and had been treatment-resistant for around 8 months - is an excellent one, and often overlooked when we discuss areas that can be an adjunct to our professional therapy.

Many thanks for raising the topic.

Regards, LH

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Thanks for your comment so much 🙂

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

You're welcome.

I was wondering if a thread such as this, where others could share their interests/passions, might be helpful for those who may be at a loose-end in terms of trying to find an interest they may not have considered? I'll have a little think on it. LH

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Yes I agreed with you.

I believe Music is a really good way to use as a therapy for mental problem .