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Thanks to STARWOLF (Community Champion)

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

To our dear loved & highly respected & appreciated Community Champion, so true to the words.

Starwolfs health has had a turn for the worst, she mentioned this and her last post ? Oct 17th, in my thread said she was watching but didn't have the oomph to post much anymore. Peps said she felt an omnipresence. I hope so.

Star you were the first person on my surviving thread & not only did you offer solid support, wisdom and great conversation, (ROCK) we also got to know eachother and I consider you a friend and love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

You never left my side. I was always so happy to see you

Your way of speaking, your life that you worked through and got the demons at bay, you're a true survivor, an inspiration to so many.

You've taught me so much Rock, I am eternally grateful that we met and haven't stopped thinking about you.

I soo hope you're recovering and that you're able to come back you good good lady.

Star, whenever I use “IT” talking about the beast it's qouted because we see depression as a separate and you referred to it as that. “IT”

People often talk about you and Happy belated birthday friend.

You're truly a STAR & Champion, I miss you terribly, like you wouldn't believe. it hurts hard. (Crying)

Please be ok Rock

You're missed by many & spoken about often affectionately

Thankyou for your friendship and teachings.

Always in my heart, (As Peps said; carry you in my heart)

Love your eternal friend.


DB ((( xxx )))

Peps (Peppermintbach) saw this & posted it in surviving because this reminded her of you

I am wolf.
Quietly I will endure.
Silently I will suffer.
Patiently I will wait.
For I am a warrior.
And I will survive.
- unknown
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Community Member

good thread DB

im missing and worrying about Starwolf too! she has taught me ALOT in the time ive been speaking to her.

i really hope that shes getting the love and support she needs and deserves.

as you said she is a true champion!

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey DB

That was a beautiful heartfelt post . I have been on the air with Starwolf for nearly two years and she has an innate gift helping people find peace....She is a legend

I do hear you about Starwolf's high quality of counsel and clarity.....I miss her as much as you do too DB

Just trying to keep the positive going DB.....Some Champions/Valued Contributors/Members do come back

What a wonderful post about such a wonderful person/volunteer

Nice1 DB


Dear Starwolf,

I have also read your posts and gained knowledge from you. Sending you well thoughts. I sincerely hope you are okay xxx

Thankyou Starts and Paul, it hurts doesn't it.

Yes I am holding some hope that she's getting the help she needs and that we'll see her again.

Some people impact our lives, that we never forget, she's one ( tearing up again)


((( souls )))


This life of ours, we come into contact with some amazing people. Star is one.

We should use the inspiration of these people to keep launching our own goodwill

DB you have some special qualities that Starwolf has rubbed off onto you. Hence your post.


Tony WK

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi everyone, this is a lovely thread for a great community champion who has provided support for many. We've made a few small edits to some posts to remove speculation about Starwolf's health and situation, and we don't believe this is helpful or fair to her. We'd appreciate it if you could keep this thread focused on sharing your thanks and appreciation.

Thanks Chris, good call

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

hi DB, what everyone has been said has been a beautiful recognition of what StarWolf was capable of doing, she has drawn us together, because what she said in her replies to any post that she felt she needed to reply to, someone crying out for help in desperation, actually meant more than what she said.

The care was there when none else had picked up a post, she was first to respond, and even other posts she added to what needed to be said.
StarWolf we wish you the very best and hope that your recovery will eventuate, and there would be nothing better than to see you return to BB forums in the future.

Love and best wishes. Geoff. x

Community Member

I know you as Star....

I remember pretty much when you first posted on BB.

You used to write about your canines or dogs a lot. And you often came across like you were really comfortable around them and loved them all. They are your friends way up there in that isolated spot in the mountains.

I liked hearing how little birds just made themselves welcome right inside you tiny home, as you often left the door open. Actually I am not sure if you had a door.

You took as all on a virtual walk around your place once, telling us about the streams,the rocks and other critters. I remember you even said once that a ugly bat got tangled in your hair.

You put a picture of yourself up once, and I remember what you physically look like.

You may not be aware of this but another member Sherie and I used to converse that we would just escape into the mountains and visit you. That was when we were struggling. I think more Sherie than I. She has not been around here for a while, but I know she cares about you, as she has implied as much.

I have shared a hot chocolate with you too. And we clinked mugs. That brought on a bit of connectedness.

We started a running story on the "Killer thread" thread once that started with you in the story line. You wrote to me that you did not mind us mentioning you. I am uncertain whether you ever read it. The story changed direction anyway, so you sort of left it.

When I was stuck one time in what felt like a deep dark well, you visited me there in that spot. Thankyou so much Star, for giving me your time there, it helped me feel like I was worth something and that I mattered.

I also read a lot of the constant coversions you had with " Wilma" on her thread. It seemed like you really connected with her. And I come to know you more as you expressed a lot about yourself on that particular thread.

Anyway Star if you are reading, and I hope that you are. Please know that I like you and I am thankful to know you.

Many hugs to you now... and I do hope you are not overwhelmed by all the attention here.

Shell xx