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Smallwolf's Den

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I have one thread that is my story. I have created one other thread that is a never ending story with a post appearing at random times. I thought about things that I had in games I played and one thing that came to mind was a home. I post replies to other's stories and at the end of the day go to bed. Sometimes there can be things I want to say that might not fit in my story or other threads.

So I decided to create this space where conversations might start and stop, change 180 degrees and go onto some some other tangent. You might have a question for me, or vice versa. Perhaps a place to shout or just get away.. so welcome to my den....

A wolf's den... a home... a place of safety. I will describe this space in a future place.

If you are looking for a chat, a space to share, come in and sit down around a small fire with a tea or coffee to recharge, for connection (?), re-imagination or anything else.

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Thank you for making me welcome. I'd like to chat, but do not know what about. In many ways I feel like a lost and lonely person, I lead a lonely life and I so wish I didn't. How does one go about finding people to connect with? Join activities or pursuits you enjoy is a common suggestion. Seems so simple on paper.

Thank you for creating the den x

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hi and welcome to my first visitor! Yay! cake for you...

what things give you enjoyment? hobbies? If you like reading then perhaps a book club.

It also require a commitment - that you will follow through, to go to that first meeting. Or the second. I have recently joined a professional group and there next meeting is coming up. So for me to attend would be a big thing - a chance to meet similar people in the industry I want to work in. Nice to meet you 🙂

Thanks for the cake, hmm what things give me enjoyment..... cooking, squash, the amazing race. How about yourself? I'm not a big reader, currently trying to improve my reading with spreeder - an app for speed reading.

Yes I agree, we do have to push through the uncomfortableness of the first few meetings etc. I'm in your corner for your meeting coming up - can you elaborate? Sounds intriguing also potentially beneficial being in an industry you want to work in. Who knows what could eventuate.

I've sent out feelers to the Country Women's Association, see what their about; try and expand my social activities.

So pleased to meet you also x

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Me... Cooking. Wife is gluten free so have to be mindful of that.

I don't watch much TV these days. Though I like MasterChef. More of a movie person. Saw rams with parents last week. It was quite good.

Tell you about meeting in next post.

Rams with parents, I haven't seen or heard of that one, is a funny title. I watched Loving, Game Night and 90s classic Twister recently. I like you haven't been in to too much TV, I was watching The Block however that just ended. I really enjoy Greys Anatomy as-well, though that's not currently on.

Where do your get your inspiration for cooking?

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Hello Smallwolf..

I like Masterchef as well..Masterchef junior was amazing..first time I watched it....It wasn’t just the cooking but the beautiful and caring nature the children had..So much support and happiness for each others win...and helping each other when they could as well as congratulating each other....Each of their families must be so very proud of them...and the inspiration they gave to the viewers...

I hope they produce it again for next year..


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@AliasKind -

the movie was "Rams" that I saw with my parents. My wife likes that Twister movie... Me... not so much. She also said the block ends next Sun with the auctions. I am not sure where I got my inspiration for cooking. It was something I was OK at and always looking for ways of creating flavours when you have few ingredients in the fridge.

I recently complete a diploma in counselling. My life was or has been a slow descent into "depression". I have my reasons for doing that course. Feel free to ask more if you want to.

@Grandy -

I watched a little of the junior version. Though I did see what you spoke about about them supporting each other. I just have little time for TV these days.

Hey congratulations on completing your diploma, that's great. Do you think it will help you connect with people? Are you going to use it in a professional context? Yes, the auctions are yet to happen however it's not on during the week, so I have nothing to watch. Do you currently work? I'm off to see employment people this morning - here's hoping they can help. Finding work is what I struggle most with - lack of confidence in my ability, talk myself down, it's just awful. I've been long time unemployed so it has gotten really bad. I hope you have a good day 🙂

Hello smallwolf, AliasKind and Grandy.

smallwolf, thank you for this thread. I was hoping to try and chat to people since it's been a while I was on here, but I don't want to pressure people into responding to me, anywhere on the forums.

Take care everyone.

- Tayla.