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Yes, and this-

"Your quest should be your inner self , that door, that only you have the key"  or something simlar by Prem Rawat Maharaji see on youtube with his famous "sunset" clip.

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Kia ora BM,

The little flag means so much , as do your words as my son is a big reggae fan how many times have I heard this and not really listened or noticed awesome thanks.

kia Kaha



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Tena koe Mangof

Thanks for your reply,i could go all day with quotes from this inspiring man,if you get a chance you tube one of his songs its called POSITIVE VIBRATION and listen to the lyrics very uplifting,as for our flag TINO RANGATIRA TANGA represents maori in everyway and thats what we live for,for us as maori and also for our tamariki..

Thanks WK

sunset awesome clip thanks for sharing it..

Thanks BM,

I'm 59yo so Bob Marley gave me those great songs One love and No woman no cry. So many more to. He was one of those artists that placed your mind in a floating place of peace and happiness and loving care.

Also Google Maharaji the perfect instrument.  My second favourite of his.

Great people and we are great by honouring them with our admiration.

Tony WK

Hello Everyone

My favourite quote is All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke 1729-1797.

I feel quite passionate about this. It just isn't enough to not engage in wrong doing. We need to be psoitively good and positively oppose wrong.

good one white rose, one of my favourites too and always reminds me of my personal favourite by Hunter S Thompson  ''He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man'' . that one has helped me pull myself into line on many occasions.

Whatnow, That is a powerful quote.

May I ask how you interpret it?

My first impression is building strength and not caring about others or the way they treat you / think about you, in order to be happier.

My second impression is literally becoming a beast/monster to push the world away..

What are your thoughts?

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