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Musical Instruments: What Do You Play?

Community Member

How many members play an instrument? Or even more than one?

I play piano.Never learnt the old fashion way though.I found books that show the piano chords and which notes to press.Very simple.There are many websites that cater for that now.I keep a chord chart book at the piano at all times.I even joined songwriting forums too.I've got a few songwriting books. On a bad day I can sit at the piano and feel better after playing some music.Very therapeutic.

I used to play guitar.I eventually bought an electric guitar but steel strings arent a good thing for me.Sold the guitar and just went back to improving my piano playing skills.

If you want to learn an instrument look online for advice.Plenty of websites.Watch youtube videos too.Start with a basic instrument.If its a guitar or piano just with the basic ones as you can always upgrade later. Learn all you can.There are websites for guitar chords,sites for piano chords.

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Hi music lovers I was going to start up a new thread, but then I found this old one which covered my topic of what musical instrument do you play?

I am learning to play the ukulele which is so much fun. When I play it takes my mind off of everything else that is going on in my life Which is great if you are going through a really rough patch.

The first song I learned was You Are My Sunshine which is such a happy song and always lifts my mood. I think in these times of Covid music can be so beneficial. Anyway it works for me.

Would be glad to hear from others who find playing music has helped them cope.