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Movies that you enjoy ...

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Hi all

As a result of a little posting between myself and Matty, I've decided to create this thread.  It's something that so many of us could contribute to ... and there's no right or wrong answer or suggestion ... there's no-one judging, but hopefully it will be just a little bit of a distraction for all us (even if for a short time).  And if anyone would like to give a little reason for the movie they suggest, then GO FOR IT.

Also, don't hold back at just one ... so post away and post often.

For starters, I have 3 movies that all begin with the letter S that I really enjoy (although one really begins with the letter T):

Sea Of Love (Al Pacino and the big funny guy, who I can't think of right now)

Sleepers (powerful movie - awful awful what happens in the first half, but the 2nd half is revenge, oh sweet revenge)

The Shawkshank Redemption (Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins - love it)

Cheers all



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Hi all, "The hundred foot journey" is great. Uplifting and heart-warming

I love horror, action and true story war movies

My favourite movies of the year so far:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Robocop 2014, Under the Skin (An alien thriller)

Other movies: Alien 3, The Spirit, Avengers and The Alamo

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I'm a tragic for the young adult fantasy/dystopian genre so got to go with Hunger Games, Divergent, Vampire Academy and the all time classic Twilight. 

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I agree Neil, Shawshank Redemption is an awesome movie!

These other movies are based more on romance (yes, I am a female):

1. The Holiday
2. Love Actually
3. Ten Things I Hate About You
4. The Spectacular Now

These movies are not overly romantic, but still feature romantic elements:

Dan In Real Life (hilarious and uplifting, in my opinion)
The Hunger Games


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love actually is my favorite

about a boy is always good

groundhog day whenever its on tv

but i also love terminator and transformers movies

watched interstellar last weekend i cried 5 or 6 times .lol


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An old favourite of mine :-

What's Eating Gilbert Grape ( 1993) 

Has anyone seen it? 




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hi Frann

i loved that movie , havnt seen it for many years.

i will have to dig it out and watch it again.

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Hi Amy ( hope that's ok) , 

Yes , it's probably been over 10 years for me since i've watched it, back in the VCR days , but it has stayed with me. Love actually / About a boy , agree I liked them too. Fan of Alan Rickman ,Emma Thomson and Toni Collette! 

Hope you enjoy it again. 


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I've got two favourite movies

The good the bad and the ugly (spaghetti western with Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef)

And   The legend of 1900.      About a baby born on a ship.


Tony WK

Absolutely agree with you Tony about Clint Eastwood and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly trilogy.  Must be an age thing.

Big fan of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  It always irritates me that films change the book plot, especially when they add actions not already in the book, but despite this really enjoyed these films.

Not keen on horror films but I did enjoy the Kill Bill trilogy. Very bloody but so unlikely it was almost funny.

Enjoyed Toni Collette in Muriel's Wedding.  Long ago in a galaxy far away I enjoyed The Man From UNCLE films and TV series.  Not the most amazing films but great in their day.