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This is a thread for people with the INFJ personality type from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

INFJs are the rarest type out of the 16 personality types from the MBTI. Many INFJs experience anxiety and/or depression due to not fitting in anywhere. INFJ stands for: Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judgement.

I found that I fit the descriptions of this personality type last year (I actually underwent a professional personality testing before that and got the INFJ result but paid no attention to it) when I was doing a research task for school. Ever since then I've been very grateful for finally finding a description that fits how I feel and who I am. Knowing about my personality type has helped me discover more about myself and feel more at ease with who I am.

I've talked to INFJs online and found that a lot of us suffer from one form of mental illness or another. So this is a social space for INFJs needing a place to belong, to talk about things that are hard to talk about, or find out more about this amazing personality type.

But! Notice I said this is a social space--If you are dealing with serious issues at the moment, you should consider seeking professional help, to begin with, you can look up information from the BeyondBlue website. Of course anyone is welcomed to join, but do not rely on this forum to recover from a serious mental illness.

A social space can be anything from lighthearted and fun, to a deep and personal safe space for understanding and support. So when you click into this thread--first things first--remember to not be afraid of being yourself (as a lot of us tend to do)!


With Love,

Grace xx

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Check out The PDB Community's discord. There is a lot of INFJ than you think. Also, if you want to learn more about your cognitive functions (Jung's subtypes) and your 'shadow' function, feel free to let me know! I have been doing a lot of research on MBTI tests, so I think I would be able to help out. I think as INFJ, we feel too much and show too less, which makes us prone to mental illness.

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I have found, through many tests, that I'm an INFJ. I relate to so much of how the type is described. I can so understand how you feel alone and misunderstood. I'm coping but eh its hard. And coz I'm so sensitive, people don't understand how I can mainly feel the two extremes. Uh yeah I guess I wanted to say that.

Hannah 🙂