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Happy new year!

Community Member
Hi everyone,

Just want to wish you all a very happy new year.

I have a little toddler so I won't see it to 12, but I hope everyone has a good night no matter what they are doing!

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Community Member

To those who observe the Gregorian calendar, Happy New Year!

To those who observe the Lunar calendar, an early Gong Hei Fat Choy!

And to those who are aware of All Hallows’... you get the idea. 😄

Community Champion
Community Champion

Back at ya!

Watched a movie last night that finished near 12, and the heard some fireworks from outside the house.

Noice! If I may ask, which film did you watch?

As for me, I stayed up until 3:00 trying to finish something I’d set out to do by New Year (finish my second playthrough of Pokémon Sword, with the key objective in this case being the successful completion of the “King of Bountiful Harvests” story quest in the Crown Tundra), though multiple setbacks and oversights forced me to postpone until the next morning after I realised that, due to GMT offset, I technically had until 10:00 to finish it, so I completed said quest shortly before 9:00 yesterday morning. 😄

And then my Nintendo Switch fritzed, meaning yet another replacement is needed... still, at least I cleared it in time. Happy New Year indeed! WOO! 😆

Awesome work! No matter how big or small our goals are they feel bloody good to tick off dont they

That is very true. Now for my next goal: leave the nest or get booted out trying. 🙃