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Follow that word

Community Member

Hi all,

I've had a thought - as this is the fun area of the forum, so for those who want something a little different to do, try this.

Someone posts a word, then it simply flows on from that.  Example:   Sun;   next person may put  "Shine", then next  "Bright",  then next "Clever",   then next "smart",   then next "dresser",   then the next "fashion",  then next "suit",   next "tie",  "rope", etc etc. 

I’m having too much fun here by myself.  Time to introduce the community into this.


So I will simply start with the first word and I deem that word to be Christmas.   Let’s see where it goes from there – remember in the tradition of the rules of the site, we need to keep all words in a clean and friendly format.


Let’s go people:




9,989 Replies 9,989

Smash  (the breakfast variety)






Again ?

Ah... cat