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Did You See, Hear or Do something that gave you a bit of a happiness feeling?…

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone,


I thought I would start a thread because I have been trying to look for something each day that gives me a feeling of warmth/happiness/joy/peace…you know, that feeling, the one that’s hard to find when we’re going through a rough patch of depression, anxiety or when our mental health is not the best…


For me it was seeing sheep, not just one or two but lots being moved along the road to another paddock by working dogs and a farmer whistling out commands while driving an atv….Those dogs were amazing to watch and they made me feel so happy that I got to see that…. a few years back, I had to drive through a large herd of cows….both times were scary and exciting at the same time…


Has something you’ve seen or done recently given you even a tiny bit of a feel good feeling?….did something you do for someone else give them a happy moment.


Kind thoughts, with love and gentle hugs with care..🦋💜🤗🌈.




Hugs everyone….🤗🤗.


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone……🤗..


Here I am laying on my couch in my lounge room, thinking back over the past few days, trying to find something that made me feel happy…The past 2 days I’ve been at my volunteer job, mmm nothing much happened their to make me smile….except when I locked the shop up for the night 😁…I did smile then…


Laying here I remembered only a few hours earlier, I was sitting out front while doing a find a word puzzle when I heard some squawking….looking around, looking for them, I eventually found them… sitting on top of the electric wires that run between the telegraph poles were some white cockatoo’s…bobbing their heads up n down, moving from feet to feet…squawking….did I mention squawking 😂..their were 7 which I counted…2 which caught my attention the most were upside down, swinging back n forth, while holding on with there claws and yep….you guessed it squawking😂


I watched them for a while, until they flew off, maybe 10 minutes or so….at the time they fascinated me…now I’m thinking back on them…I have a smile and a happy memory…


Kindest  thoughts everyone, with my love, care and hugs ❤️🌹🤗..


Hi Grandy,


Aren't White Cockies just the most entertaining birds? The absolute clowns of the bird world. I love the joy they seem to have in life.


Around the corner from my house is a small suburban park and a woman who lives across the road from the park puts out litres of bird seed every day (I'm not exaggerating!) You can't drive down the street without having to stop your car and wait for flocks of ducks (there's no water nearby so I don't know how she gets ducks) or Ibis, or Cockies or Curlews to get off the road. 


My absolute favourites are the Bush Stone-Curlews. They're hilarious in a totally different way than the cockatoos. Curlews don't give off that fun-loving vibe of cockies - they're hilarious because they are so full of suspicion and hate. If you don't get Stone-Curlews near you, I suggest you Google them because their very strange looking birds. Massive heads and glaring eyes. During the day they are often mistaken for garden ornaments because they kneel very still and stare hate at any passers-by. If you get too close they will either hiss at you or run away screaming. At night, there is nothing like the sound they make. They can scream like a woman being murdered (locals call them murder-birds). Or they gather in a coven and will scream one at a time, getting louder and faster until - dead silence. Then they start again.


I had a very lucky experience with some Curlews on Sunday.  They are fiercely protective parents and won't let anyone get near their chicks.  A friend and I happened to see two curlews standing on the curb and two chicks in the gutter. One of the chicks was taking running jumps at the curb trying to get off the road but couldn't. I was concerned the chicks would get run over if they couldn't get back onto the garden bed with their parents. I went closer and parent spread its wings as they usually do before hissing and running at you - but let me pick each of its babies up and put them back on the grass. Truly amazing as I was waiting to be stabbed the whole time with its sharp beak but, somehow it let me pick up the chicks. Such an awesome moment.


Anyway, apologies for such a long ramble. I love hearing about your experiences with the wildlife.


I hope today is a good day for you Grandy. Thankyou for sharing.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone,


HappySheep, I agree that cockatoos an be so funny and if we look at most of the birds around us..they all seem to enjoy life…


I have a bird clock which on every hour gives me a lovely bird song…I enjoy them..


I have a small blackboard at work, that I keep on the counter near where we serve our customers, every fortnight I write an inspirational quote…I’ve been doing this for years and have never had any feedback from them….I decided a couple of months  ago  that  I’ll pop it away for a while….then on Tuesday a customer ask me, where it was and how much she enjoys reading them and how a few of them has helped inspire her….


I thought no one was taking notice of it…I felt happy  that I now know that one person was reading them and it has helped her….I’ll put it back out and continue to write little quotes on it every fortnight… 


Hugs, love and care everyone..❤️🤗🦋.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone…..🤗..


Today just waking up, getting out of bed brought me happiness……Its raining, it’s not very hot, the rain sounds lovely on my roof and looks so beautiful just standing on my veranda watching it fall and wash away the dirt, dust of the trees….nature is doing a great job today of washing this part of the universe…..


Enjoy your day everyone..


Community Member

I am actually outside in the park this afternoon as I write this.


I walked about a little but didn’t dare walk around the wetlands even though there are lots of people here today.


It’s the same playground my children used to spend a lot of time in, riding bikes and getting up to adventure. There was always a whole bunch of them from our neighbourhood.


I am just sitting soaking up the sun and watching kids play.


Haven't been able to walk down here in over a year so it feels good to be outside and away from the house for a bit.


I will try to get some more walking in before I head home. 

Hello everyone…..🤗..


Fiatlux, you trip to the park seems to be peaceful and healing for your soul which can help the way we are mentally feeling…The winters sun is somehow soothing and healing because it’s not to hot….I really am happy for you Fiatlux that you enjoyed a day which will stay in your memory….




Last week no, 2 weeks ago I think it was….we were on our way home from work, we had a traffic jam that only people living in the country get to experience…..It’s scary and exciting at the same time….We (my friend Betty)  and I had to stop then drive slowly through a flock? of sheep and a few cows which were been moved from one property to another…


Their were a few working dogs keeping them from straying to far away from each other, a couple of farmers whistling commands to the dogs, the dogs understand whistle language 😂…so many sheep and not one even touched the car as we were driving through them…


This is the 3 rd time I’ve driven through animals being moved along the road…it always gives me a little joy doing this…...


Kind thoughts everyone with hugs and love 🌹🤗💜.