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CHRISTMAS 2016/NEW YEARS Chillout Lounge

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Champion Alumni

Hey Everybody! Christmas is the time of year to enjoy & share with family & friends. Some people will spend this time alone & isolated too!

This is a safe place where people can post and say hello, chat or send wishes to others and have a 'Virtual Christmas/New Years'!

Whether you have plans for Christmas/New Years or having a quiet one you can kick back and just enjoy company of others. Its been a long year. Even if you have never posted on Beyond Blue before you are very welcome to come in and sit around our 'Virtual Christmas Tree' and chat 🙂

Just make sure you leave your snow gear/boots in the foyer. Please leave any reindeer or snow dogs outside if you can 😉 Happy Christmas xo

Santa (aka Paul) Ho Ho! 🙂

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Champion Alumni

Does anyone remember the "Six White Boomers" song sang by Rolf Harris about 6 kangaroos hooked up to Santa's sleigh? I might see if I can find the words on the web. (Boomers being kangaroos.)

I also like the Aussie Christmas song about the Ute and being Bute, but have forgotten what that song was called.

Does anyone have any favourite Christmas songs?

Cheers all from Mrs. Dools

Oh yer, the Dutch are already preparing for Christmas. Their Santa Claus has made his way from Spain to Holland and will be delivery gifts on December the 6th. Anyone for an early Christmas? You will need to leave hay and carrots in your clogs though for the horses!

The Finns have Christmas dinner on the 24th and open their presents at the same time,

Do they know its Christmas by Band Aid in 1984 was an ace track (extended mix)

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Champion Alumni
dear Paul, as usual a great post to kick off with, and the song by Band Aid is truly a moving and sensational song, sung by all the top artists for a good cause.
We all have our different reasons why we love Christmas or it's a time that we dread every year, but this year on the site it's been very busy with so people struggling with their own issues, but maybe this year might be different for you so you are able to get some joy from these festivities, I really hope so. Geoff. x

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Thank you Paul for starting this thread.

Due to the recent excess of rain, Xmas bushes are flowering already all over this part of the outback. This year, the bush has already put out its decorations. This morning the first Xmas Beetle flew into my face, something those bugs are good at...why hasn't Mother Nature equipped those things with a decent GPS, I don't know.

Anyway... reminders that this time of year is fast approaching are all over the place (I thought we only did that a couple of weeks ago but there we are again !). I will be spending it on my own too but being on your own doesn't have to mean being alone.

Party invitations have been sent...Looking forward to seeing you around.

Great thread Paul

Dear Star, you reminded me of a classic Australian Christmas movie called, "Bushfire Moon", also known as, "Miracle Down Under" in other parts of the world.

It starred Bud Tingwell and was a truly beautiful story about Christmas in the Australian outback. A story that lends itself tk the real heart of Christmas. Has anyone else seen it? It is worth chasing up, think I might go see if I can find a copy.

Hey Geoff Star and Carol

you are all wonderful and thankyou so much for the huge support this year, wisdom and party invitations and the reference to 'Bushfire Moon' Carol

Starwolf said "I will be spending it on my own too but being on your own doesn't have to mean being alone"

I think a tiny Christmas tree (12" tall) will be fine this year.

No high expectations here........just some inner peace......:-)

Santa xoxo

One year my sister asked her son to go out and get her a live Christmas tree. He came back with one so big they had to push and shove it through the door.

Thankfully they have high ceilings!

One year my niece was helping me decorate our Christmas tree. She hooked the tinsel into the tree then ran round and around turning the bottom part of the tree into a cacoon. After Christmas I almost had to cut the tinsel off, it was wrapped around that tight. Ha. Ha.

Last Christmas Day I helped serve meals to those who had no where else to go for Christmas. It was a delicious meal, beautifully decorated tables, laughter and chatter. There was also a small gift for everyone. It was wonderful.

For the virtual Christmas party, I will help decorate the tables. Does anyone have traditional colours they use at Christmas?

Cheers all from Mrs. Dools

To find some Christmas joy and beauty, have a look at European Christmas Decorations on the internet.

Great point re the joy & beauty of a European Christmas Bev.... The US also do it with style as well 🙂