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Beginning Again

Community Member

'morning, All- just rolled out of bed.Saw doctor yesterday, new meds again...not much hope they will work (based on experience)

How will today turn out ?

And will depression consume me, or will I push on through it ?

Hows others doing out there (others riding this Black Dog ?)

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Community Member

Hi Pelican2, have you considered booking a psychologist appointment? Perhaps you could try some therapy as well?

I woke up this morning and pulled the covers over my face and then I thought.. “yes I can stay in bed all day and feel helpless but what else can I do”

“Also is it ok if I find it hard to get going? Of course. “

I believe each of us have a choice and that’s a wonderful thing.

lets choose for today, this morning or this hour to find one thing to lift our mood.

I can do it and so can you.