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What changed in your life when you turned 30?

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I've been feeling really at a loss lately. I can't work out if I'm young or old. I don't feel old, but I know I've been around for thirty years. Feels overwhelming like I'm not ready to cope with the changes that come with being 30. I get the sense that time is moving on and I'm no longer in my youth, or that it is moving away from me.

Anybody else feel the same? What has changed for you since turning 30?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

hello and welcome.

In our lives there are certain times / ages we give meaning to - ending school, uni, end of a decade, retirements etc. Maybe the 20s are are last days of youth and then we have to settle down in our 30s> Are these ideas that are passed down to us? What things are you unable to or not ready to cope with?

To answer your question ...

at 30,. wife and I had first child. In some ways my world changed. The impact on me I will leave for another day. Saying that, how I felt (I think) then really is not much different to a few years ago or now or tomorrow. But that is part of my issue as well that I am working through.

That you have a different perspective to turning is OK. Each of our journeys are unique and that your might seem to the polar opposite of mine certainly does not invalidate how you view turning 30.

What happening in your life?

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Champion Alumni

Hello Cno, to answer your question, is yes, mine changed dramatically after an assault that left me with a blood clot and developed epilepsy.


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Community Champion

Hi cno1234,

Welcome. What a great question to think about. This is something that's been on my mind a bit too.

I think for me there's probably two things going on; my own experiences and the stories that society makes up. This idea of how even though we become one day older (29 to 30), all of a sudden there's this idea of how we should feel and how we should act and what we should be doing.

I don't have my life figured out, and I don't have the things I thought I would have by 30 (married, happy on my career ladder). My back hurts constantly lately which makes me feel old!

What does it mean for you? Do you think there's a big gap between where your life is and where you think it should be?

Hope this helps,