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Sick of feeling like this

Community Member

Hi all I've had anxiety most of my life its has gotten worse over the last 4yrs as my daughter lives in Perth and my eldest son is in Queensland and we have just found out that his wife is pregnant  I drove up from Vic for the wedding but spent more time travelling than actually being there with them. I don't like flying but will have to do something about it as my daughter was married when covid first hit and I have not seen them yet  I have an appointment for my gp this week as i haven't had my meds changed in 20 yrs so if theres any good books out there that yous can suggest i will have a look at them thanks Brno47

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Community Member

Hi Brno47, 


I am so sorry to hear about your situation! One of my close friends also suffers from anxiety and fear of flying, so I understand that this situation can be challenging. I'd recommend you to check out "Unwinding Anxiety" by Judson Brewer - I have read this book twice, and I find it very helpful when I deal with anxieties. It also helps my friend somewhat to cope with her fear of flying (plus seeing a therapist). 


Let me know whether you have read this book already, and if not, you should give it a try because I think you will find it helpful. Keep me posted on how things go. I hope that your situation will get better! 


Take care,