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Severe paranoia and anxiety

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Hi all, I'm quite new to this so forgive me if I'm not approaching it right but... I don't know what to do anymore. I have overly severe paranoia issues and its become that bad that its running my friendships and causing tension within my family.. I constantly believe negative thoughts with situations and can't seem to block them out. I find it hard to communicate with people face to face with my problems and have mild form of social anxiety. I want to join social groups around town but I'm too scared that people will judge me negatively so I just stay home and avoid people altogether.. I guess all I'd like to know is if anyone else is going through the same thing at the moment and how they're dealing with it? Would really appreciate some support.. Thank you.

- Bes

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I am so glad I found this page. I had no idea what anxiety was until I saw a news clip of Beyond Blue on tv. I swear I thought I was going crazy. Tightening of the chest pretty much all the time for no real reason, I went to the doctor and told him my heart hurts. He ran tests but did not mention anxiety, it was all in my head. I worry about everything. I dont even like being served at the supermarket and use the self service aisle instead. I wear a smile all the time to hide my hurting chest, dark glasses to hide my sleepy eyes.

I have just made the decision recently to join a local gym with my daughter. I will have a coffee day with my mum and walk the dog 20 minutes a day. When Im busy I have no time to think about the tightening in my chest.. I will let you know if its working and I will be keen to read any other suggestions you might receive. Good luck.

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Dear Bes I know all those feelings all too well. I would go to town and think everyone was staring at me to the point their eyes became like spears. That physically Hurt.

You are not alone in this,I too stopped going out etc.Because it was too hard. My belief was evryone was criticising me. But my Mother said to Me they arent even seeing you.They are thinking about shopping, whether the husband will be drunk tonight etc. It is about changing ones own thinking, hard i know, but new phrases in the head to overide the others. Like a parrot I quess.

Hope this Helps in some way.


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Champion Alumni

dear Bes, I wanted to read more about paranoia so I googled 'severe paranoia issues' and on there are many different sites to view.

I have known people who have paranoia issues, however I found this on the net which really doesn't help you out,

'Treatment of paranoid personality disorder typically involves long-term psychotherapy with a therapist that has experience in treating this kind of personality disorder. Medications may also be prescribed to help with specific troubling and debilitating symptoms. For more information about treatment, please see paranoid personality disorder treatment'.

Sorry I couldn't be anymore helpful to you, but hopefully someone else might know more about it, or you could talk to 'web chat' or 'get support' from the top of this page. L Geoff. x

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Dear Bes,

I'm sorry to hear about your issues with paranoia that are causing you to isolate from others and wonder if this is an ongoing or recent problem for you?


Experiencing paranoia myself, I just didn't consider myself worthy and would constantly worry what others were thinking of me.


If I passed a room where a meeting going on in the office, I used to think they were talking about me until my counsellor said, 'Are you really so important?' This really made me think! I thought I was such a bad person but now I realise they had lots of other things to think about and discuss.


I'm sure you're not a bad person Bes. We all have little quirks but generally these are accepted by others and I feel that self-acceptance is the key to feeling confident around them.


This may be a good time to have a chat with a counsellor who may help you to build confidence and to realise how much you have to give to others.


Please continue to post so we can celebrate your future successes. I'm positi e there will be many of them

Big hugs,