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really low

Community Member

hey guys,

feeling very low over the weekend, and really had to drag myself out of bed to take my dog for her walk this morning.

I am supposed to see my psych today, but I just don't think I can do it. I am ashamed I have not been  able to achieve any of the goals we set and worse still I feel incredibly ugly with my latest anxiety trait.

I desperately need approval and validation and without it I feel useless and a loser.

sorry to be a doom and gloom gal today


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Community Member

Hi Stressless

Just me again ... sorry about that.

I've only just seen this post and it concerns me for two major reasons:  (a)  because of how you're feeling and what your wrote;  and (b) that it's the first time I've seen it and you posted it over 1 day ago, and am assuming that it was possibly on the weekend.

It wasn't a long post at all and had none of the vital words in it that might hold up a post appearing - and from what I can gather you would have rather have had a response much faster than this.  Oh well, it's out of our hands now.

I can only HOPE that by the time you are reading this that you have advanced just a wee bit forward from where you were when you posted this.

Please please never think you're useless and a loser - no way - but yes, it's certainly ok to seek out approval and validation, no harm in that at all.

And Stressless, you just need to read back some of your comments about your workplace and your feeling of invincibility.  You're a valued and highly regarded member of the workforce and are doing a terrific job - and YOU KNOW that Stressless.

Just sit down for a short while - not long otherwise you might get too comfortable 🙂 - but just sit down and think back to how you were say, 3 months ago;  how you were say 6 months ago?  Did you have a job then?  Did you feel as though you were contributing then as much as you are now?  Because YES Stressless, you are contributing now and you're functioning very nicely thank you very much - at your place of work.  I'm beating this up because it's important, because it's what you're doing there that is the major positive.

Ok at home, things are still a struggle with the habits, addictions, etc - but at this moment, they are helping you get through.  They are helping you handle, what you feel without them that you won't be able to handle.  So run with it - but you being a loser and useless ... absolutely no way.

ps:  it's ok to be a doom and gloom gal - not all days are diamonds, are they?