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Puzzling timing of anxiety symptoms

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At Easter, I finally came off an antidepressant after a number of years treatment of depression. I have a history of anxiety & depression. Felt fine for over 2 months [I'd been reducing my dose from 3 mths previous to stopping], then, in  late July , 2 weeks  of a few abnormal stresses & I feel like I've crashed. My symptoms are much more from Anxiety than depression, but what absolutely puzzles me is how I wake up with anxiety symptoms, struggle through the morning, but by early/mid afternoon they DISAPPEAR completely?!?!? 

Overnight, when waking up in the middle of the night and from 6/7am to about 2/3pm daily, the tiniest thought will set off horrible anxiety for me. I also have the general buzz of anxiety going on constantly during this time too. After that time,eg; from 3 -11/12 pm I'm fine; I couldnt trigger any anxiety then if I tried.

I know some people will read this & think, 'wow, I wish I could guarantee an anxiety-free part of the day for me.' I have been there before myself, but my nights & mornings are hell at the moment.

Does anyone else suffer anxiety in this way/ or know [any links?] what the best way is to treat this type of anxiety?

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Hi 1963,


My thoughts are that you could possibly be experiencing reflux that is triggering your anxiety. The symptoms of reflex vary but a tight chest and stomach pains similar to anxiety are common. I have reflux and anxiety so can speak from experience. My wife who does not suffer from anxiety started waking up in the middle of the night feeling anxious for no reason. She has since been diagnosed with reflux and is using medicine now and the anxious wakings have stopped.


 Reflux is worse at night because you are laying down and gastric fluid moves up the oesophagus causing irritation. You don’t need to be experiencing acidic taste in your mouth to have reflux. Even if you are not waking at night reflux can effect your quality of sleep. Being tired is one trigger for my anxiety.


When you get up in the morning gravity helps control the reflux and the symptoms slowly go away. This seems to fit in with the pattern  you describe.  By the end of the day you are fine but when you go to bed the process starts over again.


Reflux is more common as people get older. From your loggin (1963) I’m guessing it you are 50 years old. I noticed my reflux around that age. Eating late at nigh and caffeine are also triggers. Reflux can be triggered by stress and anxiety. It can be a vicious circle. Get reflux wake up anxious. The anxiety triggers more reflux and so on. One reinforces the other starting in either direction.


If you think this may be happening to you  I can only suggest you see your GP to have it sorted. They may also do blood tests for other things that can make you feel anxious. This will help rule out a physical cause for your anxious feelings.


I can only say that from my experience with anxiety getting professional (physiological or medical) help early is the way to go. If you are struggling there is no point suffering any longer than is absolutely necessary. Sometimes you can’t do it on your own.


Good Luck I hope you get things sorted out soon.