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panic attacks 5 -6 times daily

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I didnt think it was possible to have panic attacks 5 or 6 times daily...mine have always been maybe once a week or fortnight.

Dont get me wrong Im very anxious most days at some point...

I have been having panic attacks where I feel like a cant breath,or that its hard to breath...I take too many deep breaths as I feel like Im not getting enough oxygen ,then I start feeling dizzy or course..and then my chest starts feeling tight.

I have allot going on in my life that I'm trying to work through...but these panic attacks are really scaring me.

Does anyone else have troubled breathing when having panicking?

It helps me knowing other people go though what I do.


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breathing difficulties are among the top of the list of diagnostic criteria for panic attacks. 

This means that not all panic attacks include breathing difficulty, and not all breathing difficulty is because of panic attacks. It also means that breathing difficulty alone does not mean one is having a panic attack, or that a panic attack can be identified by the presence of breathing difficulty alone.

Having said that, the presence of breathing difficulty strongly suggests a panic attack if no other obvious reasons present themselves. A very high percentage of panic attacks include breathing difficulty, and breathing difficulty can be used as an indicator of a panic attack in people who have had panic attacks in the past that include breathing difficulty.

Your claim that the panic attacks are increasing in frequency is a concern. I would strongly suggest you consult your GP or psychologist ASAP to discuss changes to your medication and/or coping strategies for stress and anxiety. I would also suggest you ask them about the health risks associated with panic attacks, particularly heart health.

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Blue Voices Member

Hello Rachael,

I don't often have panic attacks, in fact I have probably had four in my entire course of Anxiety disorder (which is now a ten year epic, happy anniversary me!).  But when I am "anxious", or "Anxious" since it's not normal worry, I do have trouble breathing. 

I am the bloke in the "My Name Is Anxiety" campaign video who talks about "the tightening of your chest".  I feel as though I breathing only from my tubes, not my lungs, and even when I am not stressed or "up" I still don't feel as though I'm getting my money's worth from the air around me.

It's really scary!  But yes, what you describe is "normal" in a panic attack or even in underlying anxiety (which I have).  Still, it's worth seeing your GP about it just to make sure it is panic and not something pulmonary and dangerous.  If you're not already doing it you might be able to see a Psychologist who can teach you some relaxation exercises to help you get your breathing back in order when you are panicked.

It's not just you, and there are things you can do about it.  🙂


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Hello worried,  I have suffered from panic attacks from childhood, 60+ years.

By doing my family history I discovered the illness was in my Maternal Grandmothers line. The trigger for me is an unexpected shock, a sever attack is very much like the heart attacks one sees on television, but as I have never had a heart attack I can't really compare. I actually faint because of the tightness in my chest & the body just wont respond because the fear within is so great. (I have always called it a rigamortise attack because that is the effect of a full on attack for me)  What I found is a slight anxiety attack can bring about another then another & within a couple of days one is becoming scared & anxious of having another, shortness of breath is a symptom only, just as a headache is a symptom of a migraine but maybe a symptom of stroke or just lack of sleep. I know 3 people who when they become nervous have mild asthma attacks, then of course the asthma brings about a panic attack, so please follow up on your symptoms, find a GP who has time to listen & is prepared to refer you on until an accurate diagnosis can be made, as a simple remedy will give you the freedom you deserve.