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phobia around blood pressure !

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Hi all

I started a thread a when I first came on here called 'can't relax' but even then I didn't mention one of my biggest issues. I have a phobia around blood pressure. I don't even like saying it or seeing it written! but I had to put it in this thread title to see if anyone can relate / advise.

I get so anxious when the dr is going to take it that it's always high and so it got to a point last year where she encouraged me to take it myself at home, and by doing that we were able to decrease the meds I was on for high bp. (dr says I have 'significant white coat syndrome)

Anyway I haven't taken it for ages as it still makes me anxious even doing it myself and meanwhile had put on some weight and spend a lot of time worrying about my bp. I am seeing a psychologist and while I mentioned this in my first appointment we haven't really addressed it so I'll bring it up next week cos it's clearly a) obviously not going away by itself (the worry about it) and b) quite a big worry at the moment.

I know I need to talk to her, lose weight and walk more, and take it more regularly.

Anyone dealt with any like this ridiculous phobia?!?

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That’s great that you were able to get help with that Gloria.

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Hi all on this thread, you sound exactly like me with the BP in a medical setting or at home, this week is more severe because I have little faith in the psych I see as she offers no actual help and judging by her questions doesn't listen or comprehend what I say, all I get from her for anything is " do you feel there is anything you could do differently to alter the outcome"?, I am finding just reading this thread is doing so much to help me, knowing I'm not alone, I was at my old GP having adverse reactions to new rheumatoid arthritis medication, pulpitations, nausea and itching, the Dr started getting all excited and animated about the redness and she was frightening me, she then took my BP and I was in full swing panic attack the first in 30 years, but no she jumped up swung around covering her mouth saying "your having a heart attack, oh no, oh no, what am I going to do with you"?, I said I'm sure it's a panick attack, she said impossible and sent me to hospital in a taxi, so yeah, now I freak out , I was able to take a good reading at home but recent hospital stay for unrelated issue put rest to that. I'm glad I'm amonst you all.

Wow Sliksista I hope you have access to another GP! Talk about fuel a person’s anxiety - that is so not the response we need from a dr!!

I’m definitely not over my phobia, and haven’t found any psych suggestions to help either but what I now do when taking my own is just remember the process takes only about four deep breaths, and I play a headspace meditation while I’m doing it. If I’ve had a couple of good readings in a row then that helps too.

Hope you can get back to good readings at home.

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For some unknown reason I've realised I have the same phobia a few weeks back it puts my anxiety through the roof. Tried to talk to new gp about it and he just said breath through it but nope that's not helping. To do bp myself is the same anxiety build up to it is to much . I have given up Caffeine sugar reduce sodium alcohol increased exercise and loosing a little weight but try and do bp and what a trigger for anxiety . Feeling good but I know I'm avoiding BP.




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Yes I have just recently 

I went in for my father cause he wasn't well. He got the all clear while my BP was high, something like 155/95. BUT  you must remember if your already a anxious person like I am it will go up and your anxious too and it will spike times. Goog thing is your on BP meds just like I am, I take one a day. Yes weightloss and walking helps. I am obese but have started to lose weight so that should help physically but mentally too.  When taking your BP at home try and have your arm same height like you have it at GP and take it twice, the 2nd one is normally lower.

I went in to the GP with a fool blow anxiety attack which they put me in a room on my own cause dr was running a hour late and there was a BP monitor and I asked them to hook me up and I was taking it every 30 seconds. It was low and finally when the GP saw me it was 135/ 85 and second one 128/80. So you see BP goes up and down and you've done the right thing to be on medication. Just go for walks doesn't have to be long, even around the block that's what I do, better than nothing. Also avoid or cut down on processed food high in salt. 

All the best.

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Dude, I have this to an extreme level. I've avoided going to doctors foe years, even not applyong for jobs that require medical clearances. I literally have nigntmares about blood pressure. Of course, I'm trying to address this now (I successfully mamaged to get a hold of it ten years ago with the last regular doctor I had) but ever since then I've had to have it randomly taken it's ridiculously high, and tomorrow I'm going to the doctor to face the boogie man yet again. I'm worried taking medication will make it too low, because I'm rather fit, eat well, exercise every day and am not overweight... but then I'm terrified it's actually as high as it sometimes gets when I jabe it taken and tjat I'm going to die very soon. Even tje words "blood pressure" make me feel weak and giddy. I have no idea why, but it started when I was a teenager... It's so good to know I'm nit the only person who has this completwly debilitating fear. 

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I've been on blood pressure pills for about 4 years now, around 6 weeks ago I went to my doctor about something else she took. My blood pressure said it was very high and swapped BP medications. 

Hi guys. I have absolutely the same issue. It's not white coat syndrome. I have fear of high numbers, which are supposed to be dangerous. My doctor do not understand me, He doesn't believe me that it is high only while taking the reading. I was also avoiding applying for jobs because of required medical clearence LOL. When I feel calm and I try check my neck for the pulse, it's ok so I start to put the device on my arm and at that moment the heart start to beat like crazy. Cannot get over it at all. Good luck to you all. 

Hi Pablos

Sorry you’re dealing with this too. 
Blood pressure drives me crazy either way. I’m currently anxious about low blood pressure due to a med I’m taking, and losing weight, even though I started this thread about high blood pressure!!

Hi, thanks for the response. Can you measure your low blood pressure? I am also worried about low blood pressure because my doctor is prescribing meds based on inadequate readings. I feel ok, sometime like having low blood pressure but if I just try to measure it at home it starts immediately to grow. My doctor added second medicine. I am 42 years old. normal weight. no alcohol, no ciggaretes, active.