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Ocd:it prevented me from doing things.Here's my story.

Beyond Blue Staff
Beyond Blue Staff
Originally posted by: Chris on 31 January 2013

I've had ocd for several years.I've also got chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) that keeps me at home and I'm agoraphobic.I'm being treated for all my health problems by an alternative health practitioner.I'm almost cured of ocd but I'm bored and lonely. Here's how ocd was affecting me: unable to change into clean/ or new clothes. unable to move things around my home unable to remove recyclables and rubbish from my home.. unable to prepare food/cook food and eat food when I'm on my own. unable to clean out my fridge/freezer of all foods that have been there since ocd started. unable to shave my beard(I forgot to mention I'm a guy),trim my finger nails,trim my toenails,trim my hair (usual grooming") unable to wash my clothes,linen,etc. Thats the worst of ocd.(Now you know why I'm here.) The good news is,the cfs has eased off a little,the ocd is almost gone and I feel better in my mind than I have for years.My overall wellbeing is very good considering I'm bored and lonely.I can do almost all of the things that ocd stopped me doing. Even though I've posted here a few times before I still havent found new friends. I'd really like some suggestions. Thanks . Chris.
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Thought I would add the fact that my latest issue is with the washing machine. my mother in-law purchased second hand clothes from an op-shop. She used the machine to wash these clothes and since then I am unable to go near the machine fearing the second hand clothes she bought may have touched the sides of the machine before hitting the bowl, or the lid, or any part of the machine potentially spreading an infectious disease ie: HIV ad Hepatitis.

Can anyone offer at home therpay I can attept before my sessions begin?