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No real reason for relapse

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I have had depression and anxiety on and off for most of my adult life. Usually there is a period of stress that brings it on. I am currently in a bit of a funk but I don’t really know what has brought it on. I know it will shift but I am finding it hard to reassure myself at the moment.
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Hi D,

Someone once described our thoughts and feelings like a weather system, with new thoughts coming in and then moving on, and sometimes we're not even aware of what they are but we find ourselves feeling them. This can happen unexpectedly and we can find ourselves feeling in a low mood, and sometimes we just can't say why.

It's happened to me and I'm sure to many other people. Sometimes we can be tired or feeling a bit physically unwell and our tolerance for things in our life can shift, sometimes it can just be that we're faced with nothing, a moment that feels empty, when there's nothing on our mind, nothing particular to do and that can feel odd, like there should be something on our minds, we should have a focus, a thing to do, especially when we have been used to having busy minds that are used to having a focus, it can feel a bit disconcerting and lead to thoughts that we should be doing something or that something is wrong and that in turn leads to our focus turning towards those thoughts and our feelings following, when in reality it may just be that there is a moment of space that we have available, where nothing particular is happening and nothing we particularly need to do.

Clearly I don't know your full situation or the exact details of what has been happening lately, but my guess is that if there is no stress attached which you recognised as being the driving force behind your past anxiety and depression, then it may well relate to something like I've described. Sometimes we sit still in moments like that and so my suggestion would be to do something different to that, maybe go for a walk and then focus on things that are working for you, on things you find enjoyable, things you love. Even just recalling those things can be helpful in shifting our focus.

I hope that helps


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi D Walsh,

I'm sorry you are feeling this way.

Would you consider going to your gp to have a chat about the way you are feeling?

I understand that sometimes we get into a bit of a funk without really knowing what has bought it on.

I like to be out and about with people if I feel I need a bit of a lift me up...... what do you like to do?

Hang in there, we are always here to support you.

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Champion Alumni

Hello D Walsh, having a relapse is always unfortunate, but it could be caused by a trigger you haven't had to cope with before, so it's like learning to ride a bike, sometimes you fall off, but then you hop back on to continue, but doesn't mean you won't fall off it again.

It's a learning process we go through to educate us of what we may not have expected to happen in a different situation.

By having a relapse means that you have been on both sides of this depression and that's good because each time it happens, you form another way to make yourself stronger.

If stress has been the cause then it's a place you haven't prepared yourself for and that's no fault of yours.

Take care.


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Community Champion

Dear D Walsh~

Welcome back, and I'm sorry that your condition is not good at the moment. As someone who has had depression and anxiety for very many years I realise it can be frustrating and worrying when a fresh wave hits. For a start there is the question of how long it will stay this time, and naturally wanting to know why.

In fact reading your posts from years gone by I know you have a need to find a cause. This is very sensible but sadly that does not always happen and the reason why remains unknown. It's a pity as if one knows the cause then sometimes one can take steps to reduce it.

You have identified things, such as you stomach operation and fatigue. Also related to that not having good sleep, something that your family did not always allow.

This time however you appear stumped.

Can I change the subject slightly and ask what you do to make the effects of depression and anxiety less? Do you for instance have support, either from a doctor or family or a friend? Dealing with this in isolation is extra hard.

One thing I do to try to help myself is do something each day to try to give me a lift - or at least distract me for a while. I use books, movies, music, going for a walk and many other things. I don't know your preferences of course. Would you like to say what has helped in the past?

I do this of an evening and end up having a little something to look forward to each day. Over time this has a surprising effect.

I hope this down lifts quickly for you