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Low iron and anxiety

Community Member

Hi does anyone else suffer from low iron ? Both my GP and psychologist say there is no link between anxiety and low iron and neither should effect the other . I find when my iron is low my anxiety is high. Would love to here anyone else's thoughts on this 


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Community Member

Hello Displayname. Ive never heard of this link before but it could play a part. Maybe look it up online. I know when u feel lethargic and low ur going to feel depressed and anxious so maybe it does play a part in your overall health. Thats an interesting question hmmmm

Community Member

Gosh no joke same here! Recently my iron has dropped quite low again and my anxiety has been so much worse. I researched this exact question the other day and the results were quite interesting, as iron deficeny and anxiety have some of the same symptoms. I fully believe that when you are lacking nutrients in your body you tend to become more anxious as the body is signalling that it needs nutrients and it makes you anxious.