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Life with Anxiety and No medication

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all.

Ill try and make my story as short as possible!

Im 21 years young and had my first horrible panic attack 2 years ago. I had no idea what was going on so I googled my symptoms. Anxiety was the first thing that came up. Of course I freaked out because I didn't know much about it and thought i could never suffer from any kind of illness..I was wrong! I saw two GPs and they both prescibed me medication. I read all the information and was a bit hesitant to take it so I thought I'd try without. I saw a hypnotherapist and she was really great but Unfortunately didn't give me the techniques I needed to really stop the panic attacks and calm my anxiety.

I saw two psychologists and the second one I really clicked with. I found out that I had severe anxiety and depression. I lost most of my friends after school, didn't have a job and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and it was the anxiety and panic attacks that made me just want to stay in my room 24/7. 

The psychologist was great and gave me heaps of really good techniques to help breathe and relax and how to change my thoughts which I'm happy to share with anyone. 

The one thing that really helped me Deal with my anxiety, which deffinatly isn't for everyone, but was believing in angels. I spoke to a psychic medium once who told me I had this young man with me and he was helping me with my anxiety, true or not I have never felt alone since. As crazy as it sounds, when I've had a bad day or start having some suicidal thoughts I talk to them and ask for help, and somehow I always feel much better and at peace. 

I look at life in a completely different way now, at the start I kept thinking why me? But now I've become a much better and wiser person from experiencing this. It's an on going illness that CAN be treated without medication, you just need to be strong, and I was extremely lucky to have great support. 

A success story with more success to come.

Christie xx

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Community Member

Dear Christie,

Bottom line:

Anyone that writes "somehow I always feel much better and at peace" when dealing with Anxiety deserves a medal.   And who's to say that believing in angels is any different from the technique called Mindfulness ?


PS   This is my shorter version - had 2 log out on me and I've only been on the site 10 mins !     My 1 Response comes as I am the 24th Viewer.   It seems a real shame that such an easy to understand post couldn't get more basic responses.  As if the other viewers clamoured to see the secret to "No Meds" and then were disappointed at the posts simplicity.  Again, do we really need the Views to remind us of this neglect ? Although I concede that viewing angels might also cause anxiety. Just saying. This aspect (Reply/View ration) is beginning to disturb me more than I thought so that's it for now.  Enjoy the rest of the w/e.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Christie,

I've just spoken with you on Nessie's post which you picked up on the weekend, and here you are in person.

I'm with David on this, (and that will be no surprise to him as we have met online before), that belief in angels is a good thing if it helps you.  I'm not the sort to consort with mediums, but that's not to say it's bad, just that it's "not for me".  But again to follow David, anything that makes an anxious/Anxious person feel calm is a good thing.  (Unless it's shedloads of grog and cannabis of course.)

Having someone to talk to/with, be it an angel or a mate-with-skin, can only be helpful.  I like that your psychologist taught you breathing and stuff too as that can be even more effective in spiritual people like yourself than it is for others who might be less likely to go for the surreal or ethereal ways for seeking healing and wholeness.  Mindfulness, meditation, prayer, whatever, it's always better if your whole self/Self is involved, including your lungs and heart.

I am using medication, and in fact my medication has just been doubled (20 to 40mg); and I confess you to (and David) that much of the need to do so has been because I have forgotten how to be spiritual.  I'm still doing religion but perhaps less time at church, and more time "in the Spirit on the Lord's Day" (Revelation 1:10) would be a better option.

Thanks, again, for the insights Christie.  You might be "new" but that's two things you've taught me today.  🙂

God bless.