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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Hi i am new to this site, so i'm hoping that i am writing in the correct section. i have had anxiety and panic attacks for about 14 months i am on 30mg of an antidepressant, worked well for a start - put on 10kilos with it, i have waves of being ok and not so. im going to Bali on monday and im not even looking forward to it, i don't like flying and im worried if im going to have panic attacks over there as i have been having some the last couple of days. Does anyone just get waves of where they feel like there going to pass out. i never have but want to know if this happens to anybody else? its horrible.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Nessie I'm new to this site as well, it's really great though! Yes I do have waves where I feel like I will pass out, I get very light headed and dizzy. Unfortunately for me I also have a fear of fainting so I talked to my psychologist how to reduce the sensations. Before I stand up or get out of bed I put both feet on the ground and rock back and forth on the balls of my feet and my heels, just so you feel a slight stretch. This gets the blood flowing as I usually stand up too quick. I have fainted once in my life and that's when my anxiety got really bad, and I fainted because I was dehydrated and hadn't eaten! I now drink lots of water and eat a lot of small snacks during the day. And the main reason I was dizzy was because of my diet!! I started seeing a pattern and when I had a bad week eating junk food I would be very dizzy and lightheaded days after and of course my anxiety got worse. Another thing I do to calm myself, which may or may not help you when your on the plane, but I find just sitting on the toilet very relaxing! Try to enjoy your holiday, you're much braver than I am going overseas, don't let the anxiety get the better of you and stop you from living a full life.


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Blue Voices Member

Hi Nessie and Christie.

Wow, maybe I need to get a number in my name too.  🙂

I can't quite say I'm new, it's been two months and 32 posts since I joined apparently, but I'm still meeting people and learning how it all works.

Yes you certainly have posted in the right place Nessie; and since it's Wednesday morning here I hope you're actually in Bali now..

I have dizzy spells too, and was having them before I went on medication for Anxiety; (20 mg SSRI).  I'm not head-spinny, actually "whoa I'm going to black out and collapse here", but apparently no-one else notices so maybe it's "all in my head" and I don't actually rock about as I feel I do.  I've never actually fallen over from one of these.

BTW I love Christie's ideas of the practice rolls on the balls of her feet, great idea.  See, I'm new enough to still be picking up tips.)

It's always worth checking with a GP if these sorts of things do start up, so in Nessie's case I'm glad they haven't.  I'm always conscious that I know I have Anxiety (and asthma), but I always report any symptoms just to make sure I'm not secretly developing a brain tumour or something just because I "know what hat symptom is".

The fear of having panic attacks is "Agoraphobia", so there's a word you can google for more info, or better yet ask your GP (or read beyondblue propaganda) about.  The idea to look at diet and especially water intake is also a great one, thanks for the reminder Christie.

I hope Bali was enjoyable for you.  🙂