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Life of hope

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Just read about a book about reincarnation. I get Anxiety just thinking about it, what if I become a Chicken or a Fish when i perish. Such thoughts torment me. What if I did bad things in my lifetime and have to suffer for it in the Afterlife. Life is so short we don’t know what comes after. I hope the people that made fun of me would be reincarnated into a caged chiken. What are your thoughts about reincarnation.
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Thanks for your post. I will need time to think about reincarnation.
I suppose I have not really given it much thought. It is very interesting.

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Hello Dear Justin,

I did many years ago have an interest in reincarnation, read some books on it..and some you tube videos about very young children remembering their previous life...Some of these children remember names, dates, addresses and particular events that happened in their previous life..

The reason I got an interest in reincarnation was..when my youngest son at the age of 2 pointed to a jet fighter that was at a air show we all attended..,and said..”Mummy I flew one of those”...My husband was glancing through some magazines that he purchased at the air show...and my then 2 year old explained all the different gauges that are on the front panel in the cockpit....I didn’t look into it any further as my husband was jealous that his 2 year old knew more then him...,

Today at 36 still remembers the conversation but hasn’t got a clue what gauges are what anymore...

My kind thoughts,


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Champion Alumni

Hello Justin, another good topic but nobody has come back to tell us and much speculation has been made by different groups and there could possibly be times, when we have a de ja vu feeling, people have suffered from a heart attack and seen other sites they have never done before, but to be reincarnated is a personal belief, but at the moment it's unproven and may depend on your religious beliefs, whether that's what you want to believe is up to you.

As I'm not religious then my thoughts are different.