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Just need an ear

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I finally decided to seek professional health for my anxieties . Waited near 3 mths for first appointment. I clicked with the psychologist. I could open up. Delving into my life I saw a pattern of always feeling second in importance to everyone, even my spouse did it to me (everyone except my dad). I know it’s my reaction to events and I’m the only one responsible for how I feel.

Anyway, I had 3 appts with the psychologist and on the third appt when paying the bill the receptionist said I had no more appointments booked. I showed her a copy of the appointments they had made for me (every 3 weeks for 4 more appointments) . She read the times, wrote them down and said she would fix it up.

For my next appointment my psychologist had to cancel. They called to tell me. I was fine with that. We all have things happen. I felt a bit stressed as I wouldn’t see her for now 6 weeks between appointments . Again the receptionist said I had no more appointments left now ( after this upcoming) cancelled one and would she like me to make more. I told her I had 2 more appointment times now. I felt my anxiety rise. She asked me to email the list to her which I did. I got a return email. It said the next appointment being made for 20th May!!! That will be 12 weeks between appointments as my 29/4 and 13/5 had been now allocated to other patients ( and 8/4 cancelled).

While they apologised for their mix up ( and nothing can be done ) it’s been an extra hard time for me churning issues in my mind. Trying to work through things. I had taken some bold steps with discussing my issue with my husband, prior to the cancelled appointment. I know that cancellation couldn’t be helped.

At that time I thought I could discuss with her at the 8th April how the discussion went with my husband Then I settled to accepting it would be 3 more weeks til I could discuss this with her. Now it’s turned into 12 weeks between appointments. 20/5 is the next available as all my others have since been allocated to other patients. My only hope is one of these cancel.
It’s extra hard because my issue is about feeling second place to everyone- and now others have been put ahead of me. It’s like even my psychologist is doing it. Makes me feel a bit like it’s not my reaction but it’s something that really happens to me. Probably
not a big issue in terms of the lives of others, but I just need someone to listen. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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Hi, welcome

Yeh, that is unacceptable but common and those sort of administrative bungling's I have now accepted as typical of life, it never works out how it should. In fact some 30 years ago when I embarked on eliminating my anxiety altogether (successful, more info later) many changes were necessary and one was to accept the perils of society. This came post a problem at work at the time whereby there was corruption, I fought it and paid the price with my health, family trauma and a career change never to return to that job. While proud it did a lot of harm. My then therapist told me "Tony, you are a black and white person in a world of 8 billion people all of shades of grey" meaning I wasnt flexible enough to allow for normal human behaviour eg mistakes, imperfection.

I'll leave it at that but I do have a thread you might find useful. You only need to read the first post.



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*tucks a comforter around Needleina's lap so they know they're cared for and heard* ❤️

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Hi Needleina,

Sorry to hear that you've had such difficulty with your appointments. Its a very common frustration and something I've dealt with myself. It can sometimes feel like aeons between sessions because you have so much you want to share. But it definitely sounds like you've had a rough go with having to wait months between sessions and maybe something to highlight at your next appointment.

I find that writing stuff down in a notebook (things I want to raise with my psychologist at the next appt) is helpful as it jogs your memory when you actually sit down and also maximises the small time you might have in person. Between appointments I find it helps to debrief with friends or anyone who will listen (haha) about things I'm struggling with.

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Hello Needleina, it's always unfortunate when this does happen, even though at times it may be acceptable, but deep down it does hurt you.

Has your doctor given you the 'mental health plan', this entitles you to 10 Medicare paid sessions per year and as you've only had 3 appointments, then if you were on this plan you'd have another 7 sessions.

If this does happen then you can inform the receptionist, because finding a psychologist you feel comfortable with opening up to is certainly a bonus.

Best wishes.