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Im Sad

Community Member

Ive been feeling down recently and very overwhelmed. I need help Pls help me.

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Community Member

Hey there, I'm sorry you're feeling this way.

Things will get better.

Do you have anyone close to you who you can talk to? And are you seeking any support from a mental health clinician?


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Hi Joe, im sorry to hear you feel this way. Kudos to you for seeking out help on this forum. Have you spoken to a mental health professional? 


Community Member

I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling sad and overwhelmed lately. That really sucks to feel that way. Have you talked to a doctor about how you've been feeling? They may be able to help or suggest things that could make you feel better. In the meantime, maybe try doing something you enjoy like listening to music, watching a funny show, or talking to a good friend - it's important to do things that help lift your mood. We're all here for you too if you need someone to listen. I hope you start feeling more like yourself soon.

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Dear Joe_Sad,

Welcome to our forum and congratulations for being brave enough to post. You have come to the right place for support, however we need to know a little more about when and how this low mood started.

Please write back so that we can listen and help.

Warmest regards,

Richju xxxxx

Community Member

hi Joe, I have been feeling very sad lately too. Why are you feeling sad?