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How to i get partner to understand

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I'm suffering from anxiety and depression and I'm finding it very hard to get partner to understand how i feel and what I'm going through I feel like he doesn't believe me and I'm over reacting. Please any tips link anything that I can try to get him to understand

Thank you

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Keena,

You might have a real task there. Some cant understand however much they try. I've found this in some and you cant blame them, its their make up.

You could find books on the topic or ask him to read threads here. You could ask him to join you at therapy sessions.

Ever wondered why this site is so full of people seeking help or just someone to talk to? Because we have that link of care and understanding that is so hard to find. Birds of a feather....

Some others might have other ideas.

Good luck

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Keena and welcome to BB Forum.

It is so important to have an understanding partner who is willing to work with you and help you in your journey.

In addition to WK's suggestions, might I ask whether you have been to see a psychiatrist or psychologist? Do you see them on a regular basis?   I would strongly suggest that if you do, then ask your husband to go with you, and to sit with you when you speak with the psychiatrist/psychologist; and importantly, encourage him to ask questions.  

For example, when I started to see a psychiatrist, my wife came along for the first few sessions.  I sensed that this was important to enable her to share my journey, to understand what my issues are. I was fortunate that my Psych welcomed my wife to attend.  She was an active participant in the sessions. Yes she was very upset initially, could not understand the depth of my feelings. But now she is part of the healing process - she understands. 

Keep in touch Keena - we would love to continue to hear from you.

Take care


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Thankyou for replying I start my first session in 2 weeks so might see how I go with that then ask him along. I have asked him yo read some of the articles on here hoping that helps.