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Horrible thoughts setting off panic attacks

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Hi all. So I have never felt or had this before. After a bit of stress at work, all of a sudden horrible thoughts come into my head that I might hurt my kids. I love my kids to bits- I could never ever ever hurt them!! Why on earth would I think this? What's happening to me? Why is my brain even capable of thinking this? It is the most worst thing I could ever think - so of course each time it pops up I freak out and have a full panic attack. I am so scared what's happening to me right now. I just want them to stop and feel normal again. Please help me. I am so scared.

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Hello Donna

Probably a bit late for this post, however I remember having the same horrible thoughts about harming my daughter when at the peak of my anxiety. It was terrifying. My psychologist put it all into perspective which made those thoughts very very easy to dispute. She said with no  judgement "anxiety attaches itself to the things you care most about".

I've found CBT quiet effective for anxiety and while it is always there lurking, it is much easier to control.

Take care


dear Sare, a good explanation of trying to cope with these 'intrusive thoughts' which is OCD and using CBT to try and stop or ease them. Geoff.