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i have suffered depression and anxiety for many years have tried many medications A and B they work for a while but then stop for some reason i hit a all time low 4 weeks ago at work and felt like i was loosing my mind my GP was away at the time and went to one who was taking her place he told me to go home and rest i couldnt stop crying and had felt let down i found a new gp who i now go to and he put me on C as well as the B that didnt work and i ended up going further down my GP set me up a video link with a psychiatrist as there is none where i live who then changed me back to A and D still no result she now has put me on D and E but i have had to come of the A. i dont know how much more i can take i just want a normal life i start on the E tomorrow morning i sure hope it works as i dont think i can go through another change i only sleep for approx 3 hours at night even though the D is a strong sleeper and i take 4 x 25mg each night it is like i am on a continous high . i have tried everything from excerise to music ,going for walks ,yoga happy to hear from anyone with any ideas i am getting desperate.. 

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Hi Maryloo,

It's been a few days since your post- how have things been going for the last few days? It sounds like you have been on a real rollercoaster of medication trials- we're sorry that it's taking so long to find the right treatment. You mentioned that you have tried lots of medications and lifestyle strategies- have you tried psychological treatments like CBT? If you are interested, you can read more about different treatments for depression and anxiety in the guide books that can be downloaded from the website here:


We hope things are feeling a bit better on your current medication. Until then, keep checking in with us online as there are many people that have been through similar experiences who will be able to offer other support, understanding and advice.

With best wishes

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