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Health Anxiety? Depression?

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Hello all I am new here, after being referred by one of the crisis support callers. It has been four years since I lost two immediate families due to heart attacks. Since then I have been to the doctors and emergency department getting reassurance from the doctors, but when I would come home, I would sit here thinking the doctors missed something and that they just write it off as anxiety without doing further investigations. This led to developing panic attacks with fears of leaving the house or I would have a heart attack or stroke and developing agoraphobia for the last 12 months and isolation. I also have a hard time switching my brain off and trying to relax when there are so many dark clouds hanging over my head with the what ifs. 

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Hi Beyond348,  
Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing with us how you are feeling right now. Health anxiety is incredibly challenging and frightening at times to manage, and it sounds like you are doing lots of things to help support yourself on your journey to feeling better.  
We know you've been to the emergency department and it might be an option to speak to your GP about these symptoms, we think it’s always good to keep your GP updated with health anxiety and physical symptoms. It's understandable after experiencing the loss of family members to have these worries. Please know that the Beyond Blue counsellors are also here for you as well, and you can call us on 1300 22 4636 any time if you feel like talking it through.   We’re sure we’ll hear from our lovely community here soon, but in the meantime here’s some resources and conversations on managing anxiety you might find interesting:  Thanks again for posting here. It must have taken a lot of strength to share this, but you never know who will read this post and feel less alone in their own experience. 
Kind regards,  
Sophie M 

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It's so scary, but you get through it. I know how you feel. Maybe the trauma has led to this catastrophisation. I'm so sorry for your losses, by the way. You are dealing with grief as well as the anxiety. Maybe you can remind yourself it's the anxiety talking and trying to upset you. Tell it to go away. It won't go away immediately, but if you can distract yourself in the meantime - Netflix, craft, a walk aroudn the block - try it. 


Keep us informed of your progress. 

Hello Sophie M,


Thank you for your kind words. I have spoken to a few of the Beyond Blue Counsellors in the past until my recent breakdown a couple of days ago when the counselor recommended me to try the forum so I do not feel so isolated thank you for replying to my post.

Hello Ranga-1,


Thank you for replying to my post. Yes, I have been doing a little journalling in the past to distract myself and get everything out on paper (or Word document) whilst playing some soothing music, but lately, I have been so caught up in the anxiety that I felt low and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. I just have to train my brain to calm down, take it easy. It's a working progress, but I know i will get there, like you said, it won't happen immediately but I know i can do it.