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First mental health check...

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Ok so I just made an appointment to see a doctor for a mental health check on Monday and I couldn't choose my usual doctor because I'd have to wait at least a week to see her. I've never seen another doctor before and who I normally see knows my family and history, was it a bad choice to see someone else?

What questions should I expect? because I don't like to go into something that I have no idea of and I have started to write down some issues that I have on a piece of paper. Will I have to do the test where I check the boxes? I don't think they're very accurate since I answer them according to how I am feeling at the time.

Since he doesn't know me will I have to explain everything to him? i.e. family history.

Any other advice would be really helpful.

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Valued Contributor

Hello Sam, it might be a bit late now, but if it were me I would wait the week so I could see my regular doctor. Even though they should have all your notes on file, in my experience the new doctor will ask you all the same questions again especially if it's for something as important as a mental health check.