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Feeling scared all the time/impending sense of doom

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I've been feeling absolutely terrified and an ongoing sense of impending doom for the past month and a half and I don't know how to stop it. Every time I see any slightly negative news story or anything on social media or anything about space, it just triggers me again and I end up so scared again. Even though I know its not, I'm constantly convinced that something terrible is going to happen and the world will end.  I'm so tired of it and I constantly feel so sick from fear. I can't focus on any uni work or classes and my favourite band is touring later in the year and I'm excited but also convinced that the world will end before I can go. I'm terrified of going on my phone or listening/watching the news because everything terrifies me now and gives like a cold fear. I've tried all the different ways to stop it like slow breathing but nothing helps and I just keep getting triggered. Is there anyway to stop this?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi 1415,

It does sound like these worries are very consuming for you. I think it's important to remind yourself when you are having these thoughts that these anxious thoughts are 'just thoughts' and remind yourself that they won't necessarily come true. Think of these thoughts like riding a wave, you can ride through them but they will come down the otherside, it doesn't mean you have to listen to them. I know this is challenging and its easier said than done but reminding yourself that these thoughts you are having are fears, but it doesn't necessarily mean they will come true. I think it's also important to remind yourself that you have survived all of your bad days so far, so reminding yourself when you are having these thoughts arise that you can deal with anything in your environment. 


I think this is a start, but I also believe self care is so important in these moments. In these moments of panic if you can't ride through the thoughts try to bring yourself to the present moment and bring your awareness to what you can smell in that moment, what you can feel and what you can see. This can reset the panic in your nervous system. 


Have you thought about seeing a psychologist? They might be able to directly help you manage these intrusive thoughts. 


You certainly have made a great step by reaching out.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear 1415,


A very warm welcome to our forums…


I really am so sorry that you’re feeling this way, 2 things I don’t do in my life anymore for over a number of years, is to listen to the radio and watch the news…also I monitoring what I watch on TV, social media I do use, but only to keep updated with my family because I live far away from them….


Too many times the news downed me into PTSD depression, that I made the decision that I don’t need to know something that I have no power to stop happening…or what has happened…I will admit I’m very uneducated about world affairs, political things etc…then when I ask myself if I need to know about them…my answer is no…


Have you ever tried not to watch or listen to the news for even a week?….and just enjoy your life in the here and now…and then see how you feel…is that something that you maybe might try?..


Please continue to get and be excited about going to your favourite bands show….you deserve to enjoy their performance….When you start thinking of any type of impending doom…maybe try putting on a CD and listen to some of your favourite bands and listen intently to the different instruments playing and even sing along with the lyrics….our minds can only really focus/think on one thing at at time…distracting  your thoughts of doom onto things you like to listen will hopefully help you…at night while you’re in bed ready for sleep, listen to a gently spoken sleep story, to  help put your thoughts into a peaceful place…


My kindest thoughts Dear 1415,


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi 1415


I can relate to what Grandy mentions about being selective in what we watch and listen to. I think having a very strong imagination makes what enters my mind easy to see and with a sensitivity to what I'm led to see or imagine it can all feel overwhelmingly vivid, stressful and even depressing at times.


Rarely will we be led to imagine the thousands upon thousands of hours being put into serving the environment for the better, for example. Rarely will mainstream media lead us to see the thousands of researchers and experts who are all working behind the scenes, on incredible things, all the things we have to look forward to in the way of change. Rarely are we led to see all the civil rights movements serving those who need service, bringing them relief and hope. Instead of all the things we should be led to see (all the good and hard work, all the possibility, all those people in the process of creating change etc), we're led to see and imagine exactly what the media wants us to because it sells. Fear mongers cash in on our fears. This was most obvious when the covid pandemic started. It was horrible, the way we were fed the death count hour by hour, all day and all night, week after week. While many of us were struggling with mental health issues during this time, much of what the media fed us was depressing. It was irresponsible behaviour. It was during this time that people I know detached from a lot of mainstream media, never to fully return to it.


Never do I connect to any type of doomsday stuff. No movies, no articles, no documentaries, nothing. I'll even walk away from conversations about it or try and change topic in some way. It does horrible things to my mind and imagination, my body (including my nervous system) and my soul, in the horrible soul destroying ways it can invade.


There are so many beautiful incredible people out there doing so much behind the scenes. They're often the unsung heroes of change. It's them we should be led to imagine. There's a history of such people and I imagine there will be a history of such people to come, for many hundreds of years 🙂