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Feeling crazy

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I don't know if anyone else has this at the moment but is anyone else just feeling really overwhelmed & stressed out with all the changes after COVID?


I was mostly fine throughout lockdowns but this year my anxiety has been at its worst where I don't even like leaving the house now as it is so stressful. 


Some examples, how every time you go grocery shopping half the stuff you need isn't available (especially if it is on special). The rising cost of everything & how it is blamed on COVID or inflation (it cost me almost $20 to post a card overseas for an old relatives birthday!). 


Another is so many things wanting personal details that I just don't want to give and give me great anxiety to do so. (Example 1 My hairdresser using a third party booking system that needs your card details to confirm bookings now even though you pay in store & not through the third party. Example 2 My real estate wanting to take pictures of my furniture set up in my home as part of rental inspections now, I understand pics of the walls, floors and ceilings but my bookcase with personal photos?!


I just feel like everyone else seems so ok with these changes and personal invasions but I'm not and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy for not wanting to participate.


Help? 🤯

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey CakeFace, welcome to the forums, we haven't met before, so HI! 


Yep, things are weird all right. But I don't have the same reaction you are having to ALL those things. Mainly because I'm not exposed to all those invasions of my privacy and information. 


WOW the Real Estate taking pics of YOUR stuff?
What IS that? 
Woah there. I would contact the Tenants Association and also go through my Lease Agreement with a FINE TOOTHED COMB. 


Sorry CK but I would change hairdressers lol. I just would. I changed GPs when they forced an online booking system completely. Hate that stuff. Then changed again. Feels like CONTROL for me. Yuck. 

And 100% weird seeing massive gaps in the Supermarkets. I noticed one the other day had like 6 whole sections of ONLY pears! In all different spaces. Clearly to me (I've worked in all sorts of retail) I noticed this and spoke to my Psych friend about it too. SHE had noticed it and it can make us feel, IDK, more vulnerable? IDK the exact emotion for you. For me it's vulnerability + growing fear if I dig deep. 


And my Fiance in the U.S. has none to little of this going on in his country that he sees anyway. 


Sorry, you're not crazy lol! Nice try though lol. 


Get your grizzles out here, it's a GREAT space for it! 


Love EM

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Hi EM,


Yes, definitely vulnerable. Everyone seems to feel so entitled to my time and info these days. It's like you can't hide anymore. 


I did want to cancel the hair appointment and find somewhere else but it took me two years of other bad hairdressers before I found this one. So it's like either way it is stressful.


With the real estate I said no and luckily they mostly complied but looking it up after it is unfortunately completely legal so any of their staff and the owner could have personal pics of my home.


Thank you for making me seem not to crazy. Anxiety is hard enough and makes me already feel crazy on the best of days 🤣

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi CakeFace, where did you get that name from? Lol it makes me laugh.
Is it supposed to or am I missing something? 


I'm with you. I have a massive problem with "people" having my personal information, especially strangers. 


I've changed my mobile number 4 times. Had 5 different surnames. 
Paid extra for a Private Number over 40y when I had a landline. 


Yes. When you're perceived as having some sort of knowledge or skill in an area, I've noticed others DO usurp our time, without respect. 
This issue can be an "Occupational Hazard". 
Our Psych at work wants to MOVE STATES because of this issue with all her friends seeking MH advice non stop. I pointed out to her that similar to my profession over my life, it's ALWAYS going to be this way. It's up to us to put up boundaries with people. Moving interstate won't change this. Her new friends will do the same. 
WE have to do something about it. 


WE are people too! 
Just because we could be useful to a person, this doesn't entitle them to our time 24/7. 

Basically I don't answer calls when I intuit this is going to happen. Now take days to respond to texts. 
One thing I CAN'T stand is when there's been opportunities for THEM to offer support to ME, there was nothing. Then as soon as my whirlwind is over (in their eyes), they're BACK on the track to usurp my time again. 


Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi CakeFace,


Welcome to the forum. I understand your challenge, it's really a tough period isn't it?

While cost of living is sky rocking, it's the fact that we have to accept.


However privacy is your right, I think you're not over responding. You can be the decision maker in most of the cases. For example, when you make an appointment with your hairdresser, can you do it over the phone, and also advice them that the online booking system need to be improved? And you may not allow the real estate agency to take pictures of your bookcase due to privacy concern. I believe your requirement will be met.



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I have unfortunately not had that experience.


With the hairdresser you must confirm your appointment and you can only do that by entering your card details on the third party site. It is supposed to discourage people cancelling last minute as if you do they charge your card a portion of your visit, if you don't do the site, you don't get an appointment.


In my experience every time something like the previous examples happens it is very "Do the thing or you don't get the service" (or whatever). While sometimes there are other services to choose from that don't do it, it is becoming more impossible to do anything that doesn't require all your personal details being needed.


(Example: To sign your rental lease it is now all done online by a third party, don't like it then move elsewhere 😔)

Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Cakeface,


In different cases the situation might be different. For example, regarding your hairdresser, I guess you're right, they do it to minimise last minute cancellation. You have the right not to choose them. Or, if you like the one who serve you all the time, maybe you can ask his/her mob number, so that you can call or text him/her next time?


Regarding rental lease, yes the third party platform is widely used. It's a big platform and has relative privacy protection clauses. Maybe we don't have to worry too much about that platform.