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My name is Dennis, I am 77, married to an amazing lady for 55years who has been with me through thick and thin. I have had anxiety even before I knew the word. I try not to blame my condition on my early childhood but it is so hard. My last relapse was triggered when we moved to a rural area and I couldn't handle it so we returned to Adelaide and rented the house.i am at present being treated by  The Older Persons Health Team who I cannot speak to highly about. Up to now I have not been one to conform to medication but I relize if I don't I won' t get better. Can anyone suggest more up to date texts on anxiety?


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Hi DocP

I don’t have experience with meds but I wanted to say hello and cross my fingers someone with some more knowledge sees this!

I am inspired by your partnership - I hope I can be with someone I love for 55 years 🙂 regarding current information on anxiety, I’m just looking up some podcasts that might be helpful. ‘Anxious in Austin’ and ‘Your Anxiety Toolkit’ has good reviews. They are on my ‘to listen’ list so I hope they are good. The Beyond Blue website is helpful as well 🙂

Anyways I hope you are feeling good today and thanks for posting and reaching out!

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Valued Contributor

Dear DocP


I'm really sorry that you haven't had many replies, well done rhombus! 


It's usually because no one knows how to help! It's not you, it's us! 


I have an extreme form of anxiety, Complex PTSD. It stems both from experiences in my childhood and adulthood. 


Knowing what triggers you is very important. IMHO this is best discovered with the support of a Psychologist. I had treatment 2y ago now... wow... and the psych used "Exposure Therapy". This worked extremely well for me and I was taught by her how to do the process on my own, which I use when I need to. Any episodes are few and far between now. 


Did you decide to try medication? 
If so, how are you doing with it? 


There was a popular book I purchased from The ABC shop and I found it very unhelpful. I don't subscribe to the thoughts that there's nothing you can do about it.


I've found many grounding and calming techniques can work in the moment but receiving the support for the inceptions of the trauma, uncovering it and exposing it was the best thing I did for anxiety. 


Congratulations on such a long and successful marriage! 


I hope you come back to let us know how you're doing. 

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Champion Alumni

Hello Dennis, and a warm welcome to the forums.

Being married for 55 years is an enormous accomplishment and I'm sure there have been many good times along with those difficult which none of us really want to remember.

I could imagine moving from a big town to a small country township is a difficult one, especially when you have not had any experience and could cause a relapse.

I've down this myself, but couldn't move back to Melbourne, but totally accept your position.

Medication for this disorder will not instantly solve your problems, unless you can talk with the Older Persons Health Team so you can achieve a balanced outcome.

With anxiety people can have 'intrusive thoughts' which you can search for, to see whether or not you are also having these thoughts, which can affect you in a negative way and influence your behaviour.

I am 67 and have experienced these thoughts, but have come to the conclusion that although they affect you, they usually don't come to fruition, but you need to talk about this before you can realise any of it.

Medication can be the beginning to stabilise your anxiety and then build on this to balance out your life.

Please get back to us.


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