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Daily health blog

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Hi all.

I hope you don't mind, delete if not appropriate.

I just am just going to do a weekly blog on feelings (physical and mental) to learn about myself at the moment.

Feel free to comment.

See if there are triggers...etc.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi MainlyG,

Sounds like a great idea. Monitoring your condition is really helpful in managing it.

Look forward to seeing if this helps you out.

Jaz x

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Been feeling pretty crap the last few weeks.

Actually thinking of eating/drinking the way I did when I was happiest (approx 5 to 10 years ago)

5 to 10 Years ago I'd basically have a few drinks between 6pm and 10pm. Maybe 4 or 5.

Tried to cut down and go really healthy on food and drink during 2021 which seemed to make me sadder.

Monday morning-worked from home. Did a bit of housework, kept busy.

Monday afternoon- worked my 2nd job, had 2 coffees...my first in 9 months after giving up.Was pretty up and about and happy for a few hours.

Coming down aa little now after tea break with back ache and pains which has been happening for 6 to 9 months around this time most nights.

Going home for a couple of beers soon to relax (gave up alcohol for a few months earlier this year (was ok but missed a nightly 2 or 3 beers or 2 glasses of wine)

All in all, not a bad day.

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Having a relaxing morning coffee listening to music (2nd day of coffee after giving up)

Feeling quite good.

A slight sore back as is often the norm the last 9 months unfortunately.

About to start my home job, before heading to afternoon job after.

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Noticed I tightened up around the hips before I started work today.

I noticed someone else says this has been happening to them about before work.

Notice I'm slightly anxious walking in.

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9am...very sore back today.

shouldn't go to work but will, think the wife thinks I'm crazy sometimes.

Yesterday it was not to bad 5/10.

Today very sore 8/10.

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Half way through shift.

Feel quite good.


Back pain only 2-10.