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Could I have an Anxiety Disorder? Please help.

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Lately, I have been getting a weird feeling in my chest area that feels like a pronounced heart beat over the past week. It has been somewhat frequent, occurring about every 5-15 minutes. My parents think it's a muscle spasm but it feels more like it's coming from my heart, like I'm having an extra heart beat or am skipping one. I also get dizzy often, nausea and tight muscles, as well as hold/cold hands and feet, and I sometimes receive tingling sensations in my hands and feet too. I am also a persistent worrier who gets frightened extremely easily. Some of my friends are saying it could be an anxiety disorder, but they don't know enough to be able to say for sure. One of my friends also believes I could have social anxiety because of how I act in social situations.

I've always had very poor self-esteem, found it extremely difficult and stressful to talk in front of the class and even suggest ideas to a small group of friends. I never feel comfortable in any environment. My mind can be very fuzzy and I can't concentrate as easily as I used to be able to. Sometimes I can't keep still and other times I feel like I can't do anything but sit still.

I don't have trouble being out of the house, but I do worry about the people around me. I get very stressed if I go to the city or a crowded place because of all the people there. When I am there, I can't stop thinking about strangers coming up and talking to me and it makes me ridiculously anxious.

I want to ask my mum about seeing someone to see if I can get any treatment for this or even if it's something, anything at all but I feel guilty about going to the doctors because I feel like I don't have big and important enough problems that deserve any help. My whole family is a very "get over it" kind of family and I'm afraid that if it is nothing at all that I'll just look stupid and mum won't like that I wasted her time.

I'm a 15 year old female as well, if that means anything.

So could I have an anxiety disorder? Does it sound like something else maybe? Anything anyone has to say would be greatly appreciated. Even the slightest idea would mean everything to me. I just want some answers.

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Good on you for seeking some help to figure out what is going on.

You might possibly have an anxiety disorder, possibly a socail thing but I would suggest going and seeing your doctor for a health check up and a mental health exam first before self-diagnosing (You and your health are important enough, so dont ever think any different or let anyone make you think its not) Once you know for sure, then you can take the next step.

This forum is a great place to talk with others who can relate. There is also a quiz on this website which you can take which might assist you in seeing if you have anxiety.

Dont put your health off though, mental and physical- it is so important and you are worth being able to enjoy your life as a happy, healthy person.