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Anxious about being anxious.... vicious cycle!

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I went through a serious separation 18 months ago leading to my first experience with anxiety. I was absolutely decapacitated due to it. I could barely function, I couldn't work, my mum had to take leave to come and care for me. I started taking medication for 10 months and am 5 months off of taking them. Since I go through bouts of anxiety, nothing as serious as previously but now in a new relationship I find myself being anxious about the anxiety coming back should things not work. I am scared to tell him how i feel incase he doesn't feel the same way and dont want to burden family or friends with my anxiety again. So i sit here crying, feeling nausous and generally overwhelmed. I know only I can stop myself from feeling this way but its just so hard to pull myself back up after what feels like falling down again. I assume I have self worth issues that result in my questioning if / why he would want to stay with me when there isn't actually anything wrong at all in the relationship. In fact its the most functional one i've ever been in. The more I care the more I'm scared it wont work and I will end up an anxious mess again. Well I guess I already today.. I wish i could stop the negative rubbish in my mind.
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Hey kell2014 and welcome to the BB forum. Everyone here is really nice and good to talk to. I hope someone can help u with ur issue soon. I have anxiety and depression and have had since early 20's. Wish I could help u but I have trouble keeping my anxiety under control so can't really give the best advice. Hope u feel better soon. Take care x