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anxiety tips

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hey all i have been dianogsed just over a year now with anxiety and its horrible ive been on so many tablets just trying to find the right one 😞 im on a good one now that seems to b working but still get attacks which i take a short acting ant anxiety medication for when i get them just wondering how others deal with them after some ideas on what i can do to relieve it other then resorting to the short acting relaxing medication.


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Myffy,

What else do you do apart from taking your medication, or is that what you're asking?

Have you got access to mental health support, like a GP or a Psych?  They can often teach you short "talking cures" like facing your anxiety head on or practicing breathing techniques and stuff.  I use things like that (I have GAD) and mostly the "questioning cure" as I call it.

Say a worry comes.  I ask myself "so what am I worried about?  Is this really going to happen?  What if the worst case scenario?" and stuff like that.  IT's certainly not a miracle cure, but often I am able to calm myself down by "being rational"...whatever "rational" is about having Anxiety!  🙂

Otherwise I might just focus on breathing and "calming down" by taking deep breaths or taking myself into a corner or another room and "just chilling", even for a few minutes.

Talk to your GP, don't just take my word for it, but hopefully those are "helpful hints" for you.  🙂


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Well apparently I can't take anything stronger unless I see a psychiatrist. So car the strongest of these seem to work generally but if if something happened to scare me then my anxiety levels still go through the roof and won't pass for a while but I was kind of like that all day and just a complete basket case with worry.   Hated it when the phone rang, even avoided answering for fear of hearing bad news.  I wish I had a quick fix tablet what are they called?

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There is no miracle pill! I cant tell you how ofter I wished for a pill that would make it all go away! Hey but once you accept and dont fight it and add to the anxiety you can to get moments when its gone and build on these.

What works for me is keeping in my comfort zone on bad days and challenging myself a little on better days. Go with your gut and pace yourself and in time your comfort zone will increase and so will your good days.

You can make it  - and as I  like to say if one person can recover then we all can!