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Anxiety- panic attacks without even knowing, being aware- potential for them

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Yeah just wondering how and what people use for distractions and techniques for anxiety? Beyond the norm, which for me is leaning to bad habits, old habits when yeah have just struggled with this every day. For a long time now it feels like, yeah let me know if people have any ideas about this sort of thing. About this kind of stuff thanks 

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Dear StephenP12~

I think maybe you are asking two questions, how to deal with anxiety and how to deal with  panic attacks.


OK panic attacks first. I used to have them and they were paralyzing and terrifying, at least to start wiht . Beyond Blue has a fair bit to say about them:




In addition, speaking just for myslef I found firstly not giving in to them but to try to keep doing what I did before helped. So if I was sweeping the floor I'd try to keep sweeping.


The second was to practice mindfulness, in other words concentrate on something to the  exclusion of everything else, maybe a leaf, a saucer  -anything.


After hte first few times I was no longer puzzled but knew it was a panic attack and I'd got though them before -that was a comfort too.


Again Beyond Blue has a great deal ot say about htese, causes, treatment, things to do




In my own case I left things far too long which made me difficult to treat, however with  therapy, medication and family support I"m now in a very much better place and enjoy life.


Other members here at the forum have listed what they have done to cope with anxiety in this long thread (worth skimming at least)




I've found a lot here that helps


I hope this is a start to what you are asking