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Anxiety Help

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Hello Everyone.

I’m not 100% what to say or how to explain what I’m feeling but I will try my best.

I recently met this girl awhile ago, we exchanged numbers. We have been talking nonstop for a few day before meeting. After meeting her for the first time after we had exchanging numbers, we have continued to text. I noticed that I find myself just staring at my phone waiting for a reply and basically thinking negative thoughts about mistake I might have said or have done, until I get a reply but then it starts over until I get another text. The worst part is when I’m waiting for a reply I feel sick in my stomach and I feel like I’m going to vomit. I sometime break down into tears with fear of mistakes I haven’t made. It has gotten so bad that I had to leave my phone at home when I go to work and I find have to stop myself from driving home just to see if she has texted me or not. I can’t stop thinking about her and what she thinks about me, also every little thing I have said to her I go thought my head and turn it into a negative thing. I know from the texting that she likes me and I just can’t seem to stop going into a negative mindset and it is affecting my work, life and the relationship I’m trying to build. I want to explain to her why I have been acting weird but I don’t want to scare her off and that makes me feel more upset and I just break down because i feel like i might lose her. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Even writing this is making me break down into tears.

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Dear Pep,

Anxiety isn't going to help - all the instant grabs and wondering if things are OK.   You found a great girl.  That's it.    You would be totally crazy if you started turning up at her work place everyday or stalking her but you're just texting and not threatening her.

Passion does strange things to us.    Perhaps you can limit the no. of characters you send or the days of the week that you text her.  Something that can be a bit of a boundary.   Leaving your phone at home is not going to work as there are a million other phones you could use (or other peoples).   Keep it with you.  Just write down long hand what you want to text before hand.   That way, all your fears of negativity will get a chance to dissipate before the physical effort involved is so great.   Keep these long hand pre texts in a journal.   When you do the final text it will have substance and thought.   It's just one way of putting in a buffer.

Instant communication with text and phone might be the modern way but meeting up and talking seems to be less anxious.    I can't believe people break up by text.  You're one hell of a guy.

Adios, David.



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Champion Alumni

dear Pep, the thought of young love, arrrr, beautiful isn't it, for me there's a song called 'those were the days my friend', but it can still happen, 'in the year 25 25 if man is still alive', sorry I have been downloading some discs.

I may be wrong but I can sense some OCD in your comment, whether this is true or not you can let us know.

I would just organise to meet up again, it sounds to be more personal.

You know the Power of Love, the whispers in the morning, listen to this song and your heart will be jumping out of your body. Geoff.