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Anxiety and ongoing treatment

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Hello everyone,

It's been 5 days already since I am in a state of anxiety that I can't actually calm down.I am going through some latent stress with a renovation and some of it accentuated lately, so based on some triggers that I already recognize, I have started to feel very worried again, on no reason, just thinking of "what if...' and anticipating all sort of scenarios. I have no one to talk about this, except my therapist, that I see once a week, and it's just eating me inside.

I am ongoing treatment for anxiety and depression and I am thinking over and over that my dosage is not enough, because I am thinking that being in such a state is not normal while being in a treatment. I am seeing my psychiatrist in 2 weeks, but maybe I should see him earlier... My therapist said it's not about increasing dosages, it's about the way of thinking. My psychiatrist says it could be increased, as I am taking the lowest dosage. Maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle. I should talk to them more about this...

I just can't calm down, even if I know how things will work. I am aware of my situation, at least part of it, but I can't stabilize myself more. I am fighting hard to keep this as "only time will make it happen", but it's too hard. Feeling of guilt just flood me. I can't think by myself of way to just sit and think of the possibilities and just realize the best of them - to wait. I know the end, but I can't stop and just not race in my head with a thousand miles per hour. I can't be alone, my I am, most of the time. Something just eats me inside.

Should I see my psychiatrist earlier? Should I call my therapist or write to her? What can I do to just stop and slowly analyze?

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Dear gmc


My dear friend, I’m sorry that this post of yours seems to have not been responded to as yet – but I’m going to do my best with it;  and I’m sure there’ll be others here as well soon.  🙂


Ok, as it was about a week ago, can I please ask how you’ve been over these last few days?   I’ve read on another thread that you have seen your psyche and have been able to increase your medication dosage.  May I ask how long ago that was – cause if it’s only in the last day or two, the increase may not have worked its way into your system to give you the boost that should hopefully come along with that.


It is great though that you do have an ongoing appointment with your therapist – this is the good one, yeah, that you were mentioning in another thread??


Your therapist is, I believe half right.  Saying that it’s not the increase in dosage, but the thinking.  To be honest, I think they go hand in hand and you (us) need both.  I think without medication – well I can’t say for others, but I know I don’t think I’d be able to function at all.  I think we need the meds in order to HELP us create our thinking and thought patterns to be of a useful and helpful nature.


I know in your other thread I wrote to you and asked if you could write things down – take your time doing that and create as long a list as you need.  Of all the things that you’ve got to do – all the things that are troubling you – things that are making you anxious.  Then go through that list and sort them into an order of what is absolutely 100% important and must be done NOW.  And work your way through.  I hope you received this and gmc – keep writing.  I love hearing from you.


Kind regards



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Hi gmc

I hope you are feeling better now. 

What I suggest is trust the therapist as they are professionals who were trained for this purpose. But what I may suggest is, ask them about doing yoga or meditation. There are lots of scientific studies about both of them. But ask your therapist first.

I wish you all the best.


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Hello GabiT, hello Neil,

Thank you for responding. I've had a dosage increase and I feel a bit like my head is rushing somewhere, but I do hope too that I'll have better responds in a few weeks. I'd need like a month or so to get better because in next week I'll have another increase. This medication is really helping, but I feel like it's saking me from a state I wasn't confortable with, but yet it's hard to move. I was completely numb and I couldn't get up. It's a bit hard to get used to another way of feeling and being...

I'll ask about yoga, GabiT, I've wanted to do it for a while now.