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anxiety and body dismorphia

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

ok - so I am going to open up here, in hope that you have some suggestions for me:

when things get hard, and I am under pressure or stressed I get body dismorphia - I feel the pressure building up inside of me and I literally feel myself swelling and get bigger - in one day I feel like I can put on 5kgs or more (1 or 2 dress sizes) I think I get fat, I feel big and then my situation gets harder - because - say I'm dealing with uni, and all of a sudden I start getting fatter I then get a voice in my head that says I'm fat and lazy and don't deserve to be at uni - blah blah blah - hmm - does anyone else experience this at all?  and if yes - does anyone know how to overcome this?  I actually have to measure myself to realize that I am not swelling/getting bigger....

your responses are greatly appreciated!


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Community Member

++/Firstly welcome to the BB forum. There are many helpful and friendly people you can talk to on here who can help you out or just listen. I havent dealt with an issue like this personally but have u seen your GP maybe he/she can help you make sense of it all. I t sounds like u have extreme anxiety though that should be treated by a professional. Sorry i can be of mu ch help but thats the best i can think of. Take care and let us know how u get on. Best wishes x