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Anxiety about work

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New to the forums here. I have had anxiety for a long time and one of the things that happens is that after a certain time into a job I get anxious about work, losing my job, and some paranoid/suspicious thinking that they are going to get rid of me. I’m a little socially anxious as well so not the limelight at work but I tend to work well and fit in well.

It becomes so hard to work with these thoughts that start to make me nervous about work and insecure.

It’s started up again in this new job that I’m in for nearly a year and received a promotion for about two months ago. I still think they only gave me a promotion with the intention on getting me out. I’m also nervous about the person who is taking my new role as she is a bit prickly and not so friendly to me but is to my boss.

anyway, I’ve approached my doctor and started on meds (tho don’t went to get into them too much or for too long) and have started with a psychooogist. Just want a respite from the thinking and worry. 😞

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Hi, welcome

Intrusive thoughts can certainly be unrealistic thoughts and as such end up working against you.

I'm 66yo and about 35 years ago my anxiety went to a higher level over a workplace incident. I went to therapy and got some truthful advice, comments like-

  • Tony, you're too black and white in a world of 8 billion grey people
  • Worry only produces ulcers
  • Try connecting with the inner person of people before you judge badly
  • With intrusive thoughts, ask yourself- "is that thought realistic "? If not, move on.

So, therapy could work wonders for you.

Anxiety, is a serious illness that isn't easy to counter. It might well be short term but it could go long term.

Please google the following and read the first post of each-

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Repost anytime


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Hi Hyperballad,

Sorry to hear you are having anxious thoughts. Glad to hear you are seeing a psychologist. In time, this will help.

Why would them giving you a promotion mean that you will be fired? Isn't this amazing, and demonstrates you are valuable to the company?

Unfortunately, anxiety does make us have false beliefs, and i am sorry you are. rest assured that things will get better.

jaz xx