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Where am i?

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I'm halfway through my twenties and I've achieved absolutely nothing everyone around me is getting married and having children building a career while I had to move back home after three years because I can't afford rent by myself I live in a small town with no social life and nowhere to work I'm alone by myself most of the time staring at a phone screen with nobody texting or calling me, I've had to join groups and pages on facebook otherwise nothing would even be on it I have to rely on chatsites to have any form of social interaction today I learned that I have a few problems with Codependency and that I know nothing about who I am and who I even want to be I've always wanted to settle down and have a family but now I kind of want to travel around and explore who I want to be and the what type of person I want to share my life with as I don't think I've ever really been inlove with anybody before I kind of just got into relationships (3) because it would probably lead into having a baby and that's the way it's just suppost to go I have never really had the closeness lovey dovey kind of relationship before just kind of through text and see them a few times and in my last I was emotionally abused it's like I've been standing still while life just passes by I don't know how to fix it or what to do because I'm starting to question if I'm even worth loving or if I deserve to have someone who just wants to spend time with me and cuddle me and be there for me i feel like I'm to dumb to even have a job I just really need a friend and i have none... every time I get close to someone and factually class them as a friend they move away...
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hey Carter, never give up you never know what will happen in your life. Good things do happen and sometimes its not until a bit later in life. The fact your talking here is a good thing. Things do feel helpless at times but don't give up I am sure there are people who love you now and people you meet in the future may love you. Don't give up, wishing you the best.